SCP Sandbox Site: Part Deux

Welcome to the SCP Sandbox Wiki! You can use pages on this site to practice formatting, store works in progress, or simply have a place to put drafts so you can show others and get feedback before posting to the main site.

NOTE: Site staff have been noticing some possible vandalism of users' sandboxes lately. If you suspect a page of yours or someone else's has been vandalized, please contact ZynZyn or another member of site staff immediately.

  • Anyone can create and edit their pages here. You do not need to join this site, but you must be a Wikidot platform member.
  • DO NOT EDIT OTHERS' SANDBOXES WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. If it's not your sandbox, there's no reason to make unsolicited changes, even if you're trying to be helpful and fix something.
  • Please do not create more than one sandbox page. If you need to store multiple drafts on your sandbox, then refer to the tab code further down this page.

To create a sandbox page, please enter your username into this form:


To add tabs to your sandbox so you can have multiple drafts, use the following code:

[[tab Title 1]]
Text goes here. Pretend this is a draft.
[[tab Title 2]]
More text in another tab! You can add lots of tabs.

If done correctly, you should get something like this:

Text goes here. Pretend this is a draft.

Useful Guides (Main SCP Wiki)

All of these guides are hosted on the main SCP Wiki.

Additionally, check out Wikidot Syntax to figure out how to do cool stuff like bolding and whatnot. There's also a section of it in the above noted How to Write an SCP Guide.