Family Phone
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a standard SCP lockbox magnetically sealed and should remain sealed until required for testing purposes. Lockbox requires interior padding for the safety of the SCP.

Access to SCP-XXXX requires a signed document from site supervisor.

Description: SCP-XXXX looks to be a a factory standard Iphone 4s with no noticeable marks on the exterior or interior of the object. The phone does not have a lock code nor password and can be unlocked with a single swipe in the same manner as other Iphones of the same make. Phone features the same apps as a factory standard Iphone 4s.

SCP-XXXX acts as a normal factory standard Iphone 4s until placed in a room with a single subject below the age of 30 male or female. When these requirements are met after one minute the phone will ring displaying the name: MOTHER. When answered test subjects reported his/hers biological mother speaking.

The subject will receive one call per day after the initial call from the "mother", so long as they remain in the room with the same requirements met as previous. Over the next three days subjects report the conversations growing more somber in tone. The "mother's" calls become increasingly strange and subjects report feeling uneasy.

The first call after initial contact is fairly uneventful though the "mother" seems noticeable distressed.

The second call has the "mother" talk about topics that make the subject seem visibly distressed. Subjects report that the "mother" became increasingly more hostile throughout the call.

The third call the "mother" is extremely hostile towards the subject. The mother will continue to act hostile towards the subject, yelling and screaming until the subject either hangs up or expires. The third call has gone on for hours with the "mother" showing no signs of stopping.

Any attempts to record or trace the call and the "mother" will immediately hang up.

The "mother" will not call a child without a live biological mother. It is unknown whether it is an outside source that calls or if it comes from within the phone itself.

Addendum: "We will no longer be testing SCP-XXXX due to it being seen as a waste of Foundation resources. SCP-XXXX will be placed in storage. If any member of staff wishes to continue testing on SCP-XXXX please contact site supervisor" -Site Supervisor