Creature class-Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Creature is to be kept in 10 by 10 concrete bunker with adequate humidity at all times. Subject has neural killswitch implanted in brain, killswitch will fry 2091’s brain. Killswitch can only be activated by 3 Class 4 personnel. Only activate switch if there is no hope of capturing 2091 before it reaches the surface.
Description: SCP-2579 appears to be a bipedal humanoid catfish. Tests have shown while 2091 doesn't have to breath water it must stay moist. Its claws have very anomalous properties the first of which is that if it comes into contact with iron it changes the molecular property turning it into a mixture of 42% sand 45% dirt and 13% [REDACTED]. however if the claws come into contact with dirt not made from iron 2091 can sink its claws into it and [REDACTED]. If used above ground it could trigger a chain reaction leading up to a XK end of the world scenario.

Test 1: Researcher Russell Clove decided to test what SCP-2091’s claws would do to the iron in a human’s blood stream.Tested with class-D test subject [REDACTED].

[Audio transcript]

[Test subject] “so do I just enter the room?”

[Russell Clove] “yes.”

[Test subject] “ok sir.”

[Doors close and trap Test subject inside]

[Test Subject] “help.” “HELP!” “HELP!!” (screams and a tearing sound)
[Test End]

At 17:24 Test subject [REDACTED] was dissected. Cause of death was large cut diagonally across chest and 87% of blood turned into [REDACTED] Mixture.