David Adian's SCP-3000 "The Tactical Stalker"
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Item #: SCP-3000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3000 is kept in a 900 x 900 meter submerged chamber with 50 inches of reinforced concrete behind the iron walls of the chamber. The chamber is to be kept flooded at unless maintenance is required. Maintenance is usually for repairing cameras, lights and the chamber door locks. SCP-3000 must be fed a live octopus 4 times a day in order to prevent a containment breach. In the event of a containment breach, SCP-3000 must be placed under stasis lock until it is returned to its chamber.

Description: SCP-3000 is a large, male, female, aquatic creature of unknown origin. SCP-3000 is capable of rapid movements of 200 mph. SCP-3000 carries 90 lb of toxic bio-luminescence under its eight tusks, each capable of penetrating its own containment chamber. The toxic bio-luminescent liquid contained within the tusks SCP-3000 are capable of causing nausea, blindness and even hallucinations, although the effects are random. SCP-3000 is approximately 120.9 meters long and weights 4000 lb. Discovered in the [DATA EXPUNGED] after reports of a "giant dragon squid" in the area. All images of SCP-3000 are to be destroyed. SCP-3000 causes immediate fear towards whomever views it without any sort of lens such has glasses, cameras or goggles.

The hunting methods of SCP-3000 gained most of its attention. SCP-3000 has 4 hunting methods. One of them is SCP-3000 stalking its prey for a period of 10 to 30 minutes or even hours, before it approaches. As for the second method, SCP-3000 will blend in with the darkest parts of its area while signalling prey with is bio-luminescence before opening its tusks unleashing the glowing toxic liquids. If the effects are blindness, SCP-3000 will change at full force to eat the prey from every possible corner. If the prey is hit with nausea or if the prey has hallucinations, SCP-3000 will hide from the prey while it wonders around. At this point, SCP-3000 will attack its prey from behind or from above. The third method is SCP-3000 surrounding its prey with its 13 tentacles, before crushing it 90 lb every 30 seconds. The final method, SCP-3000 will unleash corrosive [DATA EXPUNGED] at its victims, before ripping it apart with its teeth. All hunting methods of SCP-3000 begins with the creature stalking its prey. SCP-3000 is hostile to any creature it sees as prey including humans, sponges and worms.

Addendum 1: SCP-3000
January 14, 2016, SCP-3000 lays down at the bottom of the chamber for a period of 12 hours. Upon further estimation, SCP-3000 is discovered to be female with 18 eggs. Six eggs have hatched causing [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 2: SCP-3000
January 14, 2016, termination attempt of the eggs and the hatch-lings.

Interviewed: Agent A.C ████

Interviewer: Dr. ███

Foreword: After a squad lead by Agent A.C ████, the termination attempt of the eggs and hatch-lings of SCP-3000 was successful, Agent A.C ████ returned alone and currently interviewed by Dr. ███.

<Begin Log, 8:42>

Dr. ███: Please, have a seat.

Agent A.C ████: Yes… Thanks for allowing this interview,
Dr. ███: What happened during your mission? You lost visual communications.

Agent A.C ████: My squad got deep enough to see the nest and those…. Demon babies, fucking amen we killed them.
Dr. ███r: You reported casualties. What exactly happened?

Agent A.C ████: When we got to the nest, private ████ was the closest to the eggs. They just fucking exploded. Poor kid, those little devils ripped him apart, chunks by chunks. I killed all of those fucking things that remained.
Dr. ███: Is this when you ordered the chamber doors to re-open?

Agent A.C ████: I guess the monitors heard it. Those bastards appeared everywhere, ripping my whole team apart. Oh god and their cries.. Then the mother of the devils descended. But by then, I escaped.

Dr. ███: I believe we have everything here, thank you for your cooperation.
<End Log, 9:35>

Dr. ███: I request a thermal check on the chamber of SCP-3000 and to terminate any remaining offspring of SCP-3000.