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Wow! You've just found yourself your very own Cybernetic Bear! A limited edition collection from Grant's Zoo for Cybernetically Enhanced Bears!

Find them all and become an honorary Bear Zookeeper!!

01. Grant's Bears 2.0!
02. Grant's Dancing Bears! - Fantastic!
03. Grant's Panda Bear!
04. Grant's Goldstein Bears!
05. Grant's Guide Bear!
06. Grant's Bear Friends! - AHHHHH HORIBLE HORRIBLE IDEA!!!
07. Grant's - ???? COME UP WITH NAME!!!!
08. Grant's Picnicking Bears
09. Grant's PermaCub
10. Grant's Talking Bear
11. Grant's Beekeeper Bear
12. Grant's Bearly Visible Bear
13. Grant's Builder Bear
14. Grant's Jam and Toast Bear
15. Grant's Caretaker Bears
16. Grant's Very Very Fuzzy Bear
17. Grant's Jungle Jazz Bear
18. Grant's Firestopper Bear
19. Grant's Mama Bear - <3
20. Grant's Bears 3.0 - Still need Liquid Cooling. Get back to the workshop.

"Agatha, this is terrible," he says, setting the list down onto the desk.

Agatha looks up from the other side, as she organizes several glass jars. "What? No it doesn't! People will love it. Come on, Giles."

"It's derivative. Wondertainment already has two of these lists." Giles picks up a rifle magazine sitting next to him and begins carefully inserting rounds. "And those meme kids have one. I think."

"The gamers who do weed? Was that their name? They're kids, and if they made their own things, than that means that this will be popular too."

"Just focus on making the tranquilizer mix."

The door across the room rattles fiercely, with several somethings growling behind it. Bits of plaster fall from behind the bolts that keep the door in place, but it holds. The pair share a glance and quietly lift their weapons, aiming at the door. It shakes again, but stays in place.

Agatha breathes a sigh of relief, and looks at the chemicals. "All I'm saying is that bears are the future of entertainment." Her eyes light up. "Like right now. This could be a perfect zombie movie or novel or something. It's new, nobody's seen it before. I'd bet if a hollywood exec were here, he'd be signing the check right now."

"…. Do you know anything about hollywood?"

"And you could be like some English scientist who's named "Giles Winthrup. And he's super smart, but a little crazy, but the loveable way. You know."

He glares at her, as she swirls chemicals together in a vial. "How far is the workshop?"

"The big yellow building about a hundred yards from the front door of here." The things growl from behind the door once again, giving her pause.

"Look, I just don't think the list is a good idea. And you're straight ripping off some things. Carebears, Caretaker bears? Come on, Ag… How much longer?"

"Five minutes. And I respectfully disagree. This will be a wild success."

The door rattles again. Giles runs to the door, and presses his weight against it. "Jesus, Ag. How many did you build?"

"Uhh, One hundred and three? I don't think they're all activated."


"They were supposed to be doorprizes for the grand opening of the zoo."