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C. Markova (markovaEthics@foundation.scp) sent the following email on Monday, May 15, 2023 at 12:50pm, :


Schulz wanted you to see this because it pertains to IA Casefile-28126 and your decision regarding it. I've attached the abridged documentation for SCP-xxxx and the associated IA Casefile.

C. Markova
Ethics Committee

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Thaumiel Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-xxxx is no longer anomalous, active containment procedures are unnecessary. It is to be held in a standard humanoid containment chamber. All requests to speak with or experiment on SCP-xxxx must be cleared by Dr. Loyd.

Description: SCP-xxxx, formerly Madison Knowles, is a 25-year-old Class IV reality bending human female of English descent, capable of extreme localized reality manipulation. SCP-xxxx is capable of manipulating all facets of reality within a 2.1km radius. It is also capable of the creation, destruction, and teleportation of matter, but to a much more limited extent. SCP-xxxx is not hostile and willingly cooperates with the Foundation. Following its time spent working with MTF Eta-38 ("Gauss"), SCP-xxxx began to display a diminishing level of ability until it was incapable of any reality manipulation. While it's not entirely known why this occurred, research into the loss of ability is ongoing under Project Zeus with full support from the O5 Command.

History: SCP-xxxx is the daughter of K████ and L█████ Knowles, both under the employ of the Foundation. Just after it turned 8 years old, Dr. Knowles reported that her daughter was displaying minor reality manipulation abilities and that she would be willing to allow it to be contained in exchange for being allowed to retain her memories as well as a few smaller stipulations. Approximately eight months after initial containment, researchers working with SCP-xxxx began to make a series of discoveries and observations regarding how to better manipulate and control it through physical and emotional means.

The head researcher, Dr. Daryl Loyd, received permission from the O5 Command to implement the research on SCP-xxxx. It reacted extremely well to the methods of control, becoming much more subservient to Dr. Loyd and the Foundation as a whole. Due to this fact, Loyd then proposed weaponizing it to counter the growing threat of the Chaos Insurgency. Mobile Task Force Eta-38 ("Gauss") was formed, centered around using SCP-xxxx as a tool to destroy known CI agents and locations. MTF Eta-38 was lead by Dr. Loyd and consisted of SCP-xxxx and a number of staff members to ensure it remained active and compliant with orders through any means necessary.

Initial field tests more than surpassed all expectations and convinced O5 Command to give Loyd total operational control and freedom from oversight. While active, it almost completely eradicated the Chaos Insurgency's presence in Southeast Asia. Approximately ten years after MTF Eta-38 was initially formed, Dr. Loyd demoted or fired the majority of his staff, claiming they were attempting to sabotage the task force. Loyd asserted they refused to administer the behavioral control substances created for SCP-xxxx, ignored procedures regarding positive contact with it, and attempted to undermine his authority.

Loyd was unable to find suitable replacements for the dismissed staff, resulting in an extended period of inactivity. The task force was disbanded shortly after, with SCP-xxxx returned to normal containment. Loyd was reassigned as SCP-xxxx's head researcher. The other remaining member of MTF Eta-38 claimed that without support from the other members of the task force, SCP-xxxx would suffer emotionally and mentally at Dr. Loyd's hands, which could potentially affect its abilities. O5 Command could find no evidence to support that claim.

Incident xxxx: On March 13th, 2021 due to dangerous road and air conditions caused by a category 5 blizzard, all Foundation travel in the Eastern part of the United States was temporarily stopped, with staff instructed to report to the nearest Foundation location for safety. As part of Project Zeus, Dr. Loyd and SCP-xxxx were traveling to Site-923, but due to the travel ban, were forced to stop at Logistics Site-1291, 30km East of Ai, Georgia.

On the night of March 14th, Logistics Site-129 lost all external communications due to a combination of factors, including the blizzard itself. During this time, a premeditated attack was carried out against Dr. Loyd and SCP-xxxx. Loyd was found dead in his quarters, with SCP-xxxx missing from containment. Former Internal Affairs agent Marcy Schulz was present at Logistics Site-129 when this occurred and conducted an impromptu investigation into the murder, which was retroactively declared the official explanation for the incident. Communication was re-established three days later, and the incident was reported to the proper departments and authorities.

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