Hello, I'm Black Queen Leigh. I can't say I've seen you before.

Esther. Likewise.


Have you seen this before? No. Lovely Since Esther doesn't want to say. There are two earths. Mine and hers. We don't know what caused it, but it is certainly causing problems on our worlds. I was about to.


We can't even say for certain what caused it. It's too early to say. You didn't even check with your contacts? I spoke with my Foundation, Book burners, the Insurgency, and even had a long chat with Iris. It didn't come from any of them. It may have come from my Foundation. I haven't had the chance to check. Great. Just great. We're going to have to update this once we know better.


I really can't see how this is going to help in any way. Think outside the box a bit, Leigh. If any of us are in control of our worlds, we could try to re-create this to exchange information on a planet-wide scale. We know they can't physically touch. We saw that after my GOC tried their *ahem* "solution". But information can still be shared, right? Maybe. Fine. Just put it on the list and let's move on.


As we have learned from your Coalition, large amounts of nuclear weapons laced with thaumaturgy does not seem to do anything, other than give Massachusetts a nice warm, spring day. ##red


We can revert this back to its normal format once we find any others who've seen this before. Sound fair? Yeah, for now, let's just keep a log of what happens.

Day One

Day Seven

Day Thirty (Month One)

All is one.