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Knowledge of this document may have harmful side-effects. Access is restricted to staff briefed on Procedure 382-Diogenes, unless justified by imminent danger. If you accessed this file by accident, notify the SCP-xxxx research group immediately.

The following document is a compilation of satirical depictions of SCP-XXXX. It is meant both as inspirational material for the enactment of Procedure 382-Diogenes, and as a corpus of visual references with potentially less infohazardous properties than photographs.


Sketch authored by Area Supervisor Bogdan Karatkievich, "simply titled: oh no I pooped".


"Too many appendages" - Digital painting by agent Miray Yalçın.


Following a debriefing, the author clarified that the text included was not an actual vocalization emitted by the entity, and was only intended as a reference to Walt Disney's 1967 animated movie "The Jungle Book", inspired by an analogy between the entity and the character Kaa.


Note: The agents are not affiliated with the memetics department, presumably using that denomination derisively as part of Procedure 382-Diogenes.