464 wheeled horror
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Item#: SCP-3795

Item Class: Euclid

Special containment Procedures: SCP-3795 is to be kept on Site-32 within a specially designed soundproofed container. Smooth jazz music is to be played through 4 speakers at a volume of 50 decibels. In the event of a speaker outage or generator problem a containment engineer is to be notified immediately to correct the issue. SCP-3795 is only permitted to construct itself in the event of an observational study or experiment. It is to be lured out of containment and into the specially designed courtyard section with one offering of a bicycle. When opening the remote gate ensure that SCP-3795 is a safe distance away from the doors. SCP-3795 is to be lured back to its container with the same method. All personnel should avoid standing within 15 feet of the object once SCP-3795 takes notice of it. SCP-3795 is not to be allowed to reach a diameter beyond 12.5 feet, bicycles are to be removed and freely incinerated as needed to maintain this value.

Description: SCP-3795 is a collection of 232 bicycles condensed into a sphere of twisted metal and rubber. SCP-3795's components show signs of heavy usage and are rusted down to the frame displaying effects similar to fire damage. SCP-3795 maintains a perfect sphere shape with a diameter of 12.5 feet and a radius of 6.25 feet. It is not uncommon for SCP-3795 to reorganize and change the position of certain bikes. All attempts to view or locate the center of SCP-3795 have failed and it is unknown what is held within the core. The significance and reason behind collecting bicycles is currently unknown.

SCP-3795 is non sentient but displays a clear single-minded goal, SCP-3795 will actively seek out bicycles and attempt to collect them to grow. SCP-3795 has shown no reaction to any object beyond what it seeks. SCP-3795 is able to differentiate between objects and will only collect adult sized bikes and unicycles. The object propels itself through unknown means by rolling in any direction. If it rolls within 50 or so feet of a bicycle SCP-3795 will drastically speed up and roll over the item, on contact the bike will begin to degrade and cling to SCP-3795. The captured bike will then contort itself in such a way that it does not disrupt SCP-3795's perfect sphere shape.

Oddly the rolling speed and general activity of SCP-3795 can be influenced by music, certain genres will cause SCP-3795 to act more energetic while others will cause it to become sluggish or temporarily inactive, the effects of the genre appear to be random but smooth jazz has shown to cause the most disruption. Upon becoming fully inactive SCP-3795 will simply collapse into a heap of mangled bicycles. Activity will resume at around 10 minutes after the music is turned off. Upon reactivation SCP-3795 will spontaneously reform itself from the pile leaving not even a scrap behind. SCP-3795 will then resume its general search for more bicycles. If SCP-3795 comes in contact with a unicycle [REDACTED] will occur. SCP-3795 poses no major threat other than crushing things in its path. SCP-3795 is capable of reproducing when its components are separated (see Addendum 3795-1).

Addendum: Recovery log-3795 SCP-3795 was extracted from ██████ Rhode Island on █, ██, 1995. Field agents intercepted a distress call over radio regarding an alleged bombing of a bicycle shop. The ████ family owned shop was found decimated with a massive hole having been torn through the center. All 4 individuals inside showed signs of being crushed by a large object, although at the time no large object was anywhere near the bodies. A radio within the shop was tuned to a jazz station and the components of SCP-3795 were found spilled out into the back lot. Cycles detailed in the shop inventory were found to be within SCP-3795. The deactivated pile was moved with the radio once the correlation was made and transported to Site-32. All 6 witnesses that observed the sight of an active SCP-3795 were administered a medium strength amnestetic after being interviewed. There was little damage in the area surrounding the shop which points towards the anomaly possibly forming on site or being dormant until activated.

Addendum 3795-1: SCP-3795 was temporarily disabled and 5 of its bicycles were removed and put out of its detection range. The goal was to observe how SCP-3795 would react to a removal of mass upon reactivation. SCP-3795 simply assembled itself in a new fashion to maintain its sphere shape and the removed bicycles formed themselves into another instance of SCP-3795. The copy displayed the exact same qualities as SCP-3795 and was dubbed SCP-3795-2. The new instance has been weighed and has displayed a weight different than the combined mass of the bicycles before activation. This furthers the theory that SCP-3795 either hosts or forms an additional component. SCP-3795-2 remains inactive for the moment and it is to be reintroduced to SCP-3795 in a future test.

Addendum 3795-2: Any form of heavy metal music is to be kept away from SCP-3795 indefinitely. A minor breach incident occurred when Dr ████ accidentally connected to the containment speakers of SCP-3795 from break room H-1. The object reacted with an increase in activity that past tests had never come close to seeing, SCP-3795 quickly reformed and accelerated to a speed of 368 mph breaking its containment gate. The object headed into the courtyard and returned to normal speed once it was out of range of the audio. The incident resulted in the death of 4 Class-D subjects who were involved in an unrelated exercise. Structural damage to the containment chamber of SCP-3795 was minimal beyond the complete destruction of the gate. Dr ████ did not receive penalty as the incident was impossible to anticipate and lies within human error. All containment speakers for SCP-3795 are now connected to an isolated network.