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Experiment log A-642387-KK88/682

Cross-SCP termination testing for SCP-682

Note to 05 Command frown Dr. ██████
I believe we should use SCP-073 as a way to terminate SCP-682. Additionally the experiment can give the Foundation more insight on both of the SCP's and how they work.

Response from 05 Command
We decline your proposal on the matter of the termination of SCP-682.

10 hours later

Response from 05 Command
After reviewing your proposal with the 05 Council and having a vote on the matter (7-6) we accept your proposal on the cross SCP termination.

Item: SCP-073

Tissue test record:
Overridden by 05 Command

Termination Test Record
SCP-682 and SCP-073 put into temporary containment chamber. SCP-682 says something to SCP-073.