"Another, section four-three, all contents." he sighed, watching the clean-up crew dispose of another failed test.
"Setting fine, turn message inside." he watched the objects laid out as instructed with glazed eyes.
"Turn key on my mark, all non-essential staff clear the area." the new layout had been his idea, the new procedure.

"3.." it needed doing.

"2.." why did it have to take so long?

"1.." but this was the culmination of his work.


"Area clear?" he asked, checking the locks on the door again. He listened to the lack of response.

"let's see what comes out of you." he murmured, watching the key of SCP-914 return to it's base position, and the door to the output glid open on silent runners.

Shin tentatively stepped into the room. The input was complicated, and had been questioned by others several times, but it was valid research, even if the end result was spurious.


The inputs were basic enough, a crude robotic endoskeleton, a connected remote controller, and a sheet of operation instructions for the desired result, written in five of the many languages 914 had used itself in the past.


So far results had not been as hoped, at one point being the same endoskeleton made of paper, at another the endoskeleton of a mechanical spider, but not what he'd hoped for.

A face.

Shin stopped walking towards the booth. Whatever was in there was closer to the design proposal than any other. What worried him was the fact that in order to see this face, it had have to lean out of the doorway slightly.

"Hello?" He called tentatively at the output, feeling slightly ridiculous that he was talking to his experiment.

A noise, a squeak.

"Hello?" He called again, taking another fearful step forward.
"What is this?" The words were halting, broken, yet sounded entirely natural. What it represented wasn't natural however.
"Who are you?" Shin asked, and had to stop himself from slapping his own face. Of course she wouldn't know.


"Can you move out of the cubicle please?" He wanted to get more detail, and cleaning off of the floor is a lot easier than out of the booth. Slowly, he began to see more of the shadowed figure, long brown hair tricking down the small of a lengthy spine, near-perfect skin thankfully held by plain clothing, a neutral and inquisitive face atop an otherwise lean athletic body. Nevertheless, she stayed clung to SCP-914 like she was unable to walk without it's support.

"It's fine, you're not going to be harmed." Shin put out one hand, giving a small smile.
"No." Again that halting speech, as though she wasn't speaking her native tongue. Fast, faster than thought she was forward, and for a moment one might be forgiven for thinking she had simply vanished, before Shin could see she was holding onto him for balance, simply hanging her surprisingly light body off of his shoulder.

"Are you OK?" Shin asked, afraid to hear the answer.
"I think so." she was opening up more.
"Do you have a name?"
"…" she was silent. Shin took it as no.
"Then come with me, we'll figure out what you are." he sighed, and took a last look into the booths of SCP-914.
Another failure.