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The following document was created by the Allied Occult Initiative, the precursor to the Global Occult Coalition formed in response to the 7th Occult War. All information in this file is not reflective of the current status of High Security Artifact-008-Advent and High Security Ritual-001-Advent-Black ("The Rite of Solomon"). Refer to the Threat Advent Dossier for further information.

Allied Occult Initiative


Prepared on 14/MAR/1943 SECURITY CLEARANCE 4

Anomaly Identifier:

High Security Artifact-008-Advent — "Tyrfing"

Security Status Level:

0 (In Provisional Storage)1


Artistic rendition of King Svafrlame retrieving the first version of HSA-008-Advent, created in 1906.


The artifact is a sword similar in design to ancient Viking Age weaponry. The object's blade appears to be composed of steel and the hilt from gold, though tests to confirm this have not been performed out of risk of invoking thaumaturgic hexes from taking metal samples. Thaumaturgic runes of undetermined purpose are carved into the blade and hilt.

Younger Futhark runes are engraved along the edges of the blade on both sides. The runes roughly translate to the following:

Wield in the days victory is demanded

Wield in the days your life is needless

HSA-008-Advent, if in use in combat, will exhibit the following properties:

  • The artifact will never miss an intended attack by its user if not blocked.
  • Objects struck with the artifact will be cleanly split in half, regardless of material composition, based on the angle the blade strikes at. Size limits to what objects will be split are undetermined.
  • Thaumaturgic workings can be disrupted and deflected if intended by the user.
  • One entity will be killed by the weapon every time it is in use. The circumstances leading to the death are variable.

Further properties may exist.

Human users of HSA-008-Advent will be afflicted with a thaumaturgic hex. As few human users of the weapon have been well documented, full details are unavailable, though it is currently presumed that the hex in all cases ends in the death of the user. This appears to coincide with the failure of any major goals the user wished to accomplish. As such the usage of HSA-008-Advent by human personnel of the AOI (for combat, testing, or otherwise) is strictly forbidden.

The weapon serves as a potential artifact for use in High Security Ritual-001-Advent-Black ("The Rite of Solomon"). If used

Only one version of HSA-008-Advent (identifier 008-GAMMA) is known to presently exist. Neutralization of the weapon and all other relevant artifacts will not be performed unless it is deemed necessary by the joint AOI-Foundation containment for HSR-001-Advent-Black.

Prior History:

All details on the first version of HSA-008-Advent (identifier 008-ALPHA) have been provided by Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks (The Saga of Hervör and Heidrek) and the Poetic Edda, sets of Norse legends. According to the texts, 008-ALPHA (known as "Tyrfing") was crafted by dwarves that had been captured by the mythological king Svafrlami, who wanted them to build a powerful sword for him. The dwarves constructed 008-ALPHA but cursed it so it would kill Svafrlami and cause three evil deeds, with the curses ceasing once the deeds occurred. 008-ALPHA entered the possession of a Gothic group after.

No further information on 008-ALPHA exists. Although dwarven ruins have been discovered in modern-day Kievan Rus'2 territory, no evidence for the existence of Svafrlami and other characters involved in the Tyrfing tales has been found. Whether 008-ALPHA ever existed is debated. If it did, it is presumed to have been destroyed.


Site of a Nyrsigtuna ritual, circa 1880.

The second version (identifier 008-BETA) was constructed in the 1500s by the Scandinavian occult group Nyrsigtuna (or New Sigtuna) through a thaumaturgic, of which little information exists on. 008-BETA was a central aspect to Nyrsigtuna religious beliefs, revered as a link between humanity, dwarves, and the Norse deities, that would be wielded by a warrior not human or not belonging to any group of beings detailed in Norse mythology. Of note is that 008-BETA was intentionally built to include the curse 008-ALPHA is said to have lost after Svafrlami's death.

Reverence of 008-BETA


The Vemork Hydroelectric Plant in 1935.