A Jar of Pickles

Item #: SCP 3170

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 3170 is to be contained in a 5m x 5m x 5m humanoid containment chamber. The containment unit is to be constructed with 32 centimeters lead walls to counteract the radiation given off by SCP 3170. If at any time SCP 3170 is to enter an aggravated mental state foundation staff are instructed to activate aesthetic gas dispensers located on the walls of his containment unit.

If an interview is to be conducted with SCP 3170 researchers are instructed to use the speaker systems found within SCP 3170’s containment unit. Due to the entity’s hazardous nature, any other form of interview is strictly prohibited see addendum A-1 for more information. If at any time SCP 3170 is to ask where its parents are foundation staff are to tell the entity that the SCP foundation is currently looking for them. This, however, is a lie used to keep SCP 3170 in a relaxed mental state as its parents perished long ago in the initial nuclear disaster.

Description: SCP 3170 is a 4,9 inch tall human approximately 9 years old and of average weight. The entity is of Russian descent with luminescent yellow eyes and blonde hair and fair skin. SCP 3170 is highly radioactive and currently gives off extreme amounts of high-intensity gamma waves at all times. SCP 3170’s body will glow a bright yellow color and emits light from its body. The amount of radiation produced varies depending on SCP 3170’s current emotional state, with anger or fear producing the most radiation

SCP 3170 also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and is easily agitated. If SCP 3170 becomes distressed its body will rapidly meltdown and approach critical mass. After reaching this state SCP 3170 will explode with the force of a 15 kiloton bomb destroying everything in the immediate area. Because of this SCP 3170’s mood is to be monitored by foundation staff at all times in order to ensure the entity remains calm. SCP 3170’s containment is entirely of its own volition, it has stated it wishes to remain in containment indefinitely. It is also worth noting that SCp 3170’s radiation levels drop dramatically when unconscious

SCP 3170 was discovered when a group of scientists mysteriously disappeared when checking the radiation level in the abandoned town of Chernobyl six months after the nuclear disaster. Another group of scientists entered attempting to find out what happened to the first group but also suffered a similar fate. Foundation personnel were called in and discovered SCP 3170 in a large creator taking the fetal position. Task force MTF Beta-7 was sent in, upon seeing the task force SCP 3170 was put into an agitated state and detonated killing all 13 members of the task force. Another task force from the same unit and this time gassed SCP 3170 effectively knocking the entity out and allowing it to be captured and transferred to site [redacted].

SCP 3170 does not require substance or any other item required for human life. While it does possess a bladder and gastrointestinal tract it has never been showing to use either of them. Blood samples form SCP 3170’s body have revealed the radiation has bonded to Cells within its body, it is currently unknown how this entity is still alive. SCP 3170 has also not physically aged over the past 30 years it has been in containment.

Under normal circumstances SCP will remain in the fetal position, remaining stationary for long periods of time. SCP 3170 can occasionally be seen walking around its containment unit looking at the walls, floor and ceiling. SCP 3170 is easily disturbed by unknown persons entering its containment unit at this time only Dr. [data expunged] is allowed to conduct interviews with SCP 3170. SCP 3170 also only speaks Russian and has a general distrust of any new person entering its containment unit.

Addendum A-1: A group of three scientists wearing advanced radiation suits entered SCP 3170’s containment unit to conduct an interview. SCP 3170 became very distressed by the appearance of the Class C personal, calling them “monsters.” SCP 3170 placed both hands on the sides of its head and rocked back and forth. SCP 3170’s body began to glow brighter and detonated before the Class C personal could escape, killing all three of them. Fortunately due to the lead constructed walls damage to the site was minimal

SCP Class five personel decided that a physical interview would not be the best course of action. Instead SCP 3170 was gassed and while it was unconscious speakers were installed in its containment unit. Said speakers were used to conducting this interview

Dr [redacted]: SCP 3170 are you awake?

SCP 3170 turns its head up looking around the room in confusion

SCP 3170: where are you?

Dr. [redacted: We are speaking to you through the speaker systems in your containment unit

SCP 3170: ok

Dr. [redacted]: Who are you parents 3170?

SCP 3170: [redacted] and [data expunged] I miss them very much

Dr. [redacted]: how do you feel about your abilities?

SCP 3170: I don’t like having them, everyone who comes near me dies and falls over, I don’t want them to die. Why do they die?

SCP 3170 curls into the fetal position pulling its head into its hands

Dr. [redacted]: what was the last thing you remember before acquiring your abilities?

SCP 3170: mommy hired a babysitter to watch me while she and dad went somewhere, I don’t remember where. Last thing I remember before everything went dark was a very bright light and a loud booming noise

Dr. [Redacted]: what do you think of the other SCP’s in the facility?

SCP 3170: I don’t like them very much, there really scary.

Dr. [Redacted]: Do you miss your parents?

SCP 3170: very much, I wish mommy could take care of me again. But I know she will come back for me… someday

Dr. [Redacted]: Why did you not go anywhere else when you were in Chernobyl?

SCP 3170: The men in scary suits died when they walked up to me, I didn’t want to hurt anyone else, so I stayed where I was. Why does everyone die? Why, why, why do they all die, I don’t want to kill them but they die anyway. I can’t get there faces out of my head, I can still see all of them. I am sorry so so sorry I didn’t mean to kill all of you but I did anyway! Everyone dies! I don’t wanna see them anymore!

SCP 3170 sits on his knees and puts its hands on the sides of its head mumbling incoherently to himself. SCP 3170’s body began to glow brighter and anesthetic gas was dispensed from the walls to render it unconscious. Ending the interview