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a garbage can similar to SCP-XXXX


SCP-XXXX-2 (picture took at its original location, near site-██)

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-2 needs to be contained in a standard containment cell. SCP-XXXX-A and every instances of SCP-XXXX-B need to wear a tracking device. Conflict with any sentient component of SCP-XXXX requires isolation from any kind of waste container for at least 24 hours or until conflict is resolved.


SCP-XXXX was a garbage can made out of galvanized metal, with a handle and a lid mounted on a lateral hinge. It work as a form of transportation and as shelter for SCP-XXXX-A and SCP-XXXX-B. It was unfortunately destroyed after its acquisition by the GOC on ██|06|2017. However, its anomalous properties were transferred to another garbage container, more specifically an outdoor domestic bin equipped with wheels (also known as a "wheelie bin") near site-██, which is now referred to as SCP-XXXX-2.

SCP-XXXX-A is a small mammal of the procyon genus, apart from the fact that it is able of speak and show significant signs of intelligence. It doesn't show any signs of aggressiveness and has been extremely cooperative since its acquisition by the Foundation.

SCP-XXXX-B refers to multiple instance of mammals with the same properties as SCP-XXXX-A. The only real difference is that SCP-XXXX-A has a position of authority over every instance of SCP-XXXX-B and is normally the main one to directly interact with humans.

SCP-XXXX-A and every instances of SCP-XXXX-B are able to use waste containers (including SCP-XXXX-2) to travel long distance instantaneously, although it is unclear if it's a property of their own or a property of SCP-XXXX-2.


an instance of SCP-XXXX-B

When an individual interacts with SCP-XXXX-2, SCP-XXXX-A will start interacting back. At this point the individual can request an item. If he does, SCP-XXXX-A will then close the container and come back later with the requested item. The item retrieved will always be composed of previously discarded material or otherwise classified as "garbage". Because of this, it is not recommended to request food or medicine from SCP-XXXX-A. A request to repair a personnal item will also be accepted by SCP-XXXX-A.

SCP-XXXX-A and SCP-XXXX-B are not aggressive in nature (and, according to Addendum XXXX|2, do not wish to harm humans), but can and will fight back if provoked, although their method of defense are anything but harmful.