A weapon of wrath
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- XXXX is to be kept in a high security storage locker at site ██. it is to be monitored by camera surveilance at all times. no subjects other than Class-D personnel are to come within 100 meters without authorization from at least 2 level 3 researchers.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a .357 magnum pistol of American manufacture. the words "in manu tua mea causa cognitum." (in your hands, my purpose is known.) are etched into the left side. The firing, and magazine chamber of the weapon are empty. and any attempt to slide a magazine into the weapon ends in futility as it will just fall back out. trying to hold it in will result in zero functionality of the weapon.

The weapon entices any sentient creature capable of operating it to fire it. when it does so it directs the barrel to point at whatever living target of the subjects hatred happens to be. If the victim is not in direct view of the operator, the weapon will then change its aim so that the bullet will ricochet around multiple obstacles to reach it's intended target. The aim of the weapon is not 100% accurate as it doesn't always render a fatal wound to the intended target.

Survivors of the weapon always have two things happen to them. the first thing is wherever the bullet struck their body will develop an often fatal case of Necrotizing fasciitis. sometimes the victim is shot in a place where the affected area can be properly cut off from the rest of the victims body before the infection can spread, and kill the victim. In that case the second affect is the victim will start to show signs of dementia. often saying how they don't deserve to be alive anymore, or how thier lives are meaningless. this inerringly results in the victims self termination by any means they can.

if the victim cannot terminate itself with a knife or gun, it will start slamming its head into a wall, or even refusing to eat.

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Interview Template

Interviewed: [The person, persons, or SCP being interviewed]

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