SCP-XXXX: The "Plantmancer"

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a 20m x 20m enclosure decorated with foliage and dirt floor that mimics a natural environment. A source of running water is highly recommended. The subject’s enclosure must have a localized appropriate heat source, such as a heating pad or an heat lamp. Said heat source and the enclosure lights must be turned off at dusk and on at dawn to further simulate a natural environment. Cameras and thermal imaging are required to monitor SCP-xxxx for any unusual behavior.

Personnel who enter SCP-xxxx’s enclosure may not have any material originating from plants on their person. If paper is required, a specialized synthetic paper will be available on site.

Staff are permitted to enter SCP-xxxx’s enclosure and gently pet or feed it appropriate items during breaks provided they follow proper protocols.

Following incident xxxx-a1, no personnel may enter SCP-xxxx's enclosure without Level 4 or higher clearance. All personnel are required to stay 5m away from anyone that SCP-xxxx freezes until the effects wear off. Incident xxxx-a1 suggests that the affected persons are likely to be unharmed if all physical contact with any solids or liquids are avoided.


SCP-xxxx appears to a male tortoise with a black shell often described as having a “space pattern” and plain gray skin. Its eyes are black with white pupils. The subject weighs approximately 6000kg and its carapace is about 5m in length. The subject is estimated to be approximately 150 years old. SCP-xxxx can raise its body temperature at will, but only does so when exposed to cold environments or when it feels threatened. SCP-xxxx appears to experience great distress when placed in an unnatural environment. Its temperament is otherwise similar to that of Aldabrachelys gigantea.

SCP-xxxx has demonstrated the ability to affect plant growth in a variety ways, including the ability to grow/shrink any part of a plant or an entire plant at will. It has also shown the ability to revive deceased and/or fossilized plants and even cause any material originating from plants to grow into the type of plant it originated from. SCP-xxxx also displays the ability to duplicate itself, with these duplicates usually appearing a few meters away from SCP-xxxx and disappearing within 5-6 seconds. Thermal imaging cameras record the same results. As a result, the properties of these duplicates are unknown. SCP-xxxx also displays the ability to teleport, but only up to a few meters and it always reappears standing on the ground, even if it starts while lying down.

X-Rays indicate that SCP-xxxx’s skeletal structure is almost identical to that of the extinct Megalochelys atlas, leading researchers to develop the theory that SCP-xxxx is actually an abnormally large Megalochelys atlas or a direct descendant of it that survived the ice age. Its ability to raise its body temperature and control plant growth are both considered evidence to support this theory.

Experiment Log:

Objective: Test if SCP-xxxx can accelerate the growth of SCP-143.

Procedure: 1 specimen of a sapling SCP-143 is to be planted in SCP-xxxx's enclosure by Doctor Blackwell, the lead biologist in charge of monitoring SCP-xxxx. Security officers armed with tranquilizers and foundation veterinarians are on standby. Both subjects and all personnel involved are to be examined afterwards for any unintended consequences.

Result: After 2 attempts, SCP-xxxx was able to successfully increase the growth in SCP-143 before eating some of its leaves. The specimen of SCP-143 grew from 17cm in height to 8m in height in 26 seconds. 1 of the tree’s branches had much larger leaves than were present on the rest of the specimen and it was angled towards SCP-xxxx, which suggest that the mechanism by which SCP-xxxx controls the growth of non-anomalous plants also works on SCP-143. The area around the SCP-143 specimen was coated in a large number of petals, but SCP-xxxx seemed to be unaffected by them. Analysis confirms that the SCP-143 specimen retained all of its anomalous properties after exposure to SCP-xxxx. SCP-xxxx did not exhibit any adverse reactions after consuming material from SCP-143.

Note: “This is absolutely incredible! This could revolutionize so many industries if we could understand how SCP-xxxx controls plant growth.” - Dr. Blackwell.

Experiment Objective: To determine if SCP-xxxx exhibits territorial behavior.

Procedures: A D-Class personnel is instructed to control a puppet designed to look similar in both size and appearance to SCP-xxxx to simulate a territorial challenge. Guards with tranquilizers and firearms are on standby.

Result: D-Class personnel did not follow experiment procedures, causing incident xxxx-a1.

Note: “This experiment ended in a horrible, needless tragedy. My deepest condolences and apologies to everyone who lost their lives that day and to their families as well. I was told that I couldn't conduct this experiment until I agreed to let a D-Class personnel control the puppet.” - Dr. Blackwell.

Incident Reports:




Doctor Blackwell was feeding SCP-xxxx a cucumber by hand. SCP-xxxx accidentally bit Doctor Blackwell’s arm, resulting in a severe laceration and heavy blood loss. Doctor Blackwell was quickly escorted to the medical bay where appropriate aid was given. He is expected to make a full recovery.

When asked about the incident, Doctor Blackwell said “I guess I deserved it for being careless. I’m just thankful he didn’t take my whole arm off.”


During experiment involving SCP-xxxx, D-XXXX grabbed a stick in SCP-xxxx’s enclosure and began to poke the creature’s face and neck repeatedly with it, despite repeated orders to stop. This provoked SCP-xxxx, resulting in the disappearance of D-XXXX and 1 security officer. Both are presumed dead. Witnesses say that a bright light enveloped the area right before the pair disappeared. 6 additional security guards were stopped in place. Staff attempted to move 5 of the 6 officers but were ultimately were unsuccessful. After approximately 31 minutes, the 5 officers that medical staff attempted to move exploded, resulting in 16 additional deaths and some localized damage to the facility. The officer that medical staff did not attempt to move is alive, but in critical condition. His injuries are thought to be from the resulting explosion and not directly caused by SCP-xxxx. Only the task force’s leader, Officer [REDACTED], remains unharmed. Following this incident, O5 council voted to change the guidelines regarding the the recruitment and handling of D-Class personnel and to change SCP-xxxx’s classification from Safe to Euclid. All further experiments involving SCP-xxxx are forbidden pending an ongoing investigation.

<Begin Log>

Agent: “This begins audio recording xxxx-a1-1. Hello Officer [REDACTED], I’m Agent [REDACTED].”

Officer: “It’s a pleasure, miss.“

Agent: “Thank you. I just wanted to ask you some questions about incident xxxx-a1 so we can understand it better, but before I begin, have you been cleared for this interview by a psychologist?”

Officer: “Yeah, here’s my proof.”

Officer [REDACTED] slides a document towards Agent [REDACTED]

Agent: “Okay, thank you.”

Agent [REDACTED] pauses to read the document

Agent: “Alright, this looks good. I’ll hold onto this so I can make a copy and hand it back to you after this interview.”

Officer: “Alright.”

Agent: “Now let’s begin. Can you tell us what was happening in the events leading up to it?”

Officer: “My team was in charge of securing an experiment. Blackwell told me he wanted to see if the turtle was territorial cuz he wanted to clone it. He just needed me and my team to make sure the D-Class controls the puppet appropriately and to trank the turtle if it gets too aggressive.”

Agent: “Wait, you mentioned that Blackwell had plans to clone SCP-xxxx? When did he tell you this?”

Officer: “Yeah, he told me a few days before the [EXPLETIVE]. All of it was a [EXPLETIVE] idea if you ask me.”

Agent: “Did Blackwell mention anything specific about his plan to clone of SCP-xxxx?”

Officer: “He didn’t tell me anything other than the fact that he wanted to try and clone it. Couldn’t get anything else out of him.”

Agent: “Thank you anyways. I’ll be sure to bring this up when I interview him. Moving on, it says here in the official report that D-XXXX poked at SCP-xxxx’s neck and face repeatedly with a stick he found on the ground in the enclosure. Did you know he had it on him and did you see him pick it up?”

Officer: “No to both. Apparently D-XXXX was serving a life sentence for multiple counts of murder and he openly brags about being the best smuggler there is. He’s nothing but a [EXPLETIVE] snake. He never regretted any of his crimes at all.”

Agent: “Did you see him do anything unusual?”

Officer: “He did kneel down for a second and I told him to stand up, which he did. The [EXPLETIVE] said he was just adjusting his shoe and continued walking without a hitch until he popped a stick out and started poking that monster. I guess he must’ve picked it up when he was “adjusting his shoe.” I can’t believe that sneaky bastard managed to get it past all of us!”

Agent: “What did you do when he started poking SCP-xxxx?”

Officer: “I told him multiple times to stop and warned him that I’d blow his [EXPLETIVE] head off if he didn’t.”

Agent: “Did he stop?

Officer: “Nope. Even after multiple instructions and ample time to obey.”

Agent: “Okay, can you tell me how hard was he poking SCP-xxxx?”

Officer: “By the looks of it, he was poking it very hard. Why is this even relevant?”

Agent: “Many staff members say that SCP-xxxx seems to enjoy head and neck scratches, so we want to further understand how this was different from sensations it generally enjoys. Now what did D-XXXX say when you instructed him to stop poking SCP-xxxx?”

Officer: “Well, for one thing, captain oblivious, he was using a stick and it looked like he trying to stab that monster with said stick.”

Agent: *sigh* “Okay, thank you. Could you answer the question please?”

Officer: “I already gave you my answer. Don’t make me [EXPLETIVE] repeat myself.”

Agent: “Not that question. I was referring to the one where I asked what did D-XXXX do when you instructed him to stop?”

Officer: “Oh. He kept saying that all of this was [EXPLETIVE] and that the turtle wasn’t going to hurt him. Clearly he didn’t understand what he was dealing with, just like that [EXPLETIVE] Blackwell.”

Agent: “Okay, according to security camera footage, you instructed your task force to run towards the subjects? Can you tell us why you did this?”

Officer: “That thing was hiding in its shell and I was afraid of accidentally shooting it at the time, so I thought it’d be best to get the scum bag away from that thing so we could terminate him without hurting it.”

Agent: “I just want to make sure I’m understanding you correctly. Do you mean that you wanted to separate them so you could terminate D-XXXX?”

Officer: “Yeah.”

Agent: “Okay, thank you. It happened while you were running towards them, correct?”

Officer: “Yeah.”

Agent: “Can you describe what happened right before the flash?”

Officer: “That thing popped out of its shell with his eyes glowing. Never seen it that pissed off before.”

Agent: “What happened immediately after the flash?”

Officer: “The scumbag and 1 of my men were gone and all of the rest were frozen in place. It was like that thing had a TV remote and hit pause on all of them.”

Doctor: “What did you do upon seeing this?”

Officer: “I ran out of the room to call for the medical team as per the [EXPLETIVE] emergency protocols Blackwell set up.”

Agent: “You didn’t attempt to subdue SCP-xxxx after this. Can you tell me why?”

Officer: “I was given a firearm, not a tranquilizer and didn’t want to hit my men in case they were still alive. That thing was walking away too, so I didn’t feel the need to try and kill it at the time. Not that I could’ve anyway. Then the medical team shows up and [EXPLETIVE] this [EXPLETIVE] up with all their [EXPLETIVE] incompetence.”

Agent: “Okay, I’ve let it slide throughout this interview because you went you through a very traumatic experience, but I’ve had enough. Could you please refrain from making personal attacks and using inappropriate language for the rest of this interview? We all want to understand what happened just as much as you do and-”

Officer: “I know what happened! I was [EXPLETIVE] there! How stupid are you people!? That thing never actually controlled plants! That’s just a load of [EXPLETIVE] Blackwell assumed because that thing didn’t care to use its powers for anything else! Now 5 of my men are dead and last one’s a [EXPLETIVE] vegetable thanks to that [EXPLETIVE]!”

Agent: “Sir, please calm down. I know you’re upset over what happened to your team, but we need your help to prevent this from happening in the future. Your testimony is very important to this investigation. Here, you can tell me what you think SCP-xxxx truly does right now so I can make sure your ideas are heard by the investigation team.”

Officer: “You figure it out! It’s [EXPLETIVE] obvious! We’re lucky that thing’s only goals in life are to eat, [EXPLETIVE] and sleep or else we’d all be [EXPLETIVE] dead!”

Officer [REDACTED] can be heard standing up

Agent: “Excuse me sir, please remain seated. We still have a few more questions.”

Officer: “I’m not talking to a [EXPLETIVE] [EXPLETIVE] like you! [EXPLETIVE] off! I’m done with this [EXPLETIVE]! [EXPLETIVE] you!”

Officer [REDACTED] could be heard storming off with Doctor [REDACTED] also standing up

Agent: “[REDACTED], come back here immediately! We still need you to answer some important questions!”

Officer [REDACTED] in the distance: “No! [EXPLETIVE] off!”

Agent: “Stop him! Try and calm him down!”

Officer [REDACTED]’s voice can be heard in the distance. Other male voices can be heard followed by the sounds of struggle

Agent [REDACTED] in the distance: “[REDACTED], let go of him right now!”

Officer [REDACTED]: “Shut up, [EXPLETIVE]!”

Agent: “Officer [REDACTED], drop the wea-“