Charles Ogden Gears
Aliases: Dr. Gears, "Cog"
Summary: Charles Ogden Gears is known to be intelligent,
hard-working, and a respectable employee of the SCP Foundation.
A direct man, he is notable among fellow colleagues for acting
devoid of any apparent emotion, like a robot. The full reasoning
for this are unclear to most who work with him, but I suspect that
it has to do with past traumas and an inability to face past
mistakes and actions in a healthy manner.
Coming from me, that's rich.
Still, I can't deny for a second that there may be more at play
than my own thoughts concerning him. Might need to ask directly.
Threat: Any universe with him working at the Foundation
has him surrounded by "standard" security measures (vague).
It shouldn't be too difficult to get past, given my
status as a "Nobody", but I'm still susceptible to
injury and death, and I'm just as corporeal as
anybody else. Anybody. God, why are these still funny
to me by this point? Dammit.
I almost forgot what you looked like too. It seems like
whenever I've tried to focus, your face becomes like mud.
They don't even have pictures of you in any of the
databases. Why? Do you really want to be forgotten?
At least I have a faint image of him, so I can
recommit myself to finding him. I can feel it.

Because now, I finally solved it.
I finally pinpointed where he is. The trickiest part is getting
there. The challenge doesn't lie completely in that, however,
so much as it is figuring my approach. Once I head there, I can't
head back. I'll have to hope that the luck that has carried
me this far will continue to stay with me. It's… it's
a weird feeling, knowing that he's right within my grasp,
my goal nearly realized and obtainable. In a way, I almost feel
like I should back out now. Of course, I can't.
I'm also not sure what I'll do once I face him. Should I
kill him? Or talk with him? It's going to be nowhere similar
to the same father that I remember as a child. But him…
Someone like him never changes. I know that I'll find him.
I will find him. If only to sort everything out. And if I can't,
At least I'll have found him. That must count for
something, doesn't it? I wonder if he still plays chess.
It only ends once I decide it does. Once I deliver the checkmate.
Too cheesy for my tastes, I think.