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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be contained in a room measuring no smaller than a 50 meter wide square with a 25 foot ceiling. Lighting in the room is to be provided by one floodlight at each corner of the ceiling. No inanimate items capable of producing, storing, or making use of electric charges are to be allowed within 20 meters of the object.1 SCP-XXXX may not be elevated more than one meter above the floor when resting on its holding space.

Observation of SCP-XXXX is to be maintained by four cameras placed in the center of each wall, all of which must be hardwired to deliver their output - no wireless transfer is allowed. The power and output cables attached to each camera, as well as the outer walls of the room must be insulated with electrical insulation of Temperature Rating H and at least one inch thickness.

Beyond these requirements, the room housing SCP-XXXX may be outfitted as the Site Director or Lead Researcher deems fit to observe, record, and report on the object.

Due to these constraints, testing on SCP-XXXX is incomplete at this time.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation for an anomalous ███████ ████ █ brand smartwatch. The band and unit are black, and the device otherwise visually conforms to a typical model of that line produced in 2015 by ███████.

The object’s anomalous nature is made evident by the artificial intelligence present in the unit. According to the engineer the watch was recovered from, the object is able to make predictions of events with perfect accuracy. These predictions are delivered as a notification message typical of the █████ OS, which is SCP-XXXX’s preferred method of communication despite its ability to broadcast verbally through the device’s speaker. So far, these predictions seem to be based somewhat on information made available to the AI, but given the frequently low likelihood of these outcomes2, it has not been ruled out that the object has any reality-bending capability.

SCP-XXXX has displayed the ability to use its wireless networking capability to anomalous ends, as well. The object has been able to manipulate electronic currents in objects within its broadcasting range (currently theorized to be 18m) with various effects. Most notably, SCP-XXXX has been able to “hop” a data signal between multiple electronic objects even if those objects are not typically capable of storing or transferring such information. The distance between each hop is determined by the object used to make the wireless connection, though this seems based more on total electrical charge or output of the device rather than any hardware broadcasting capability.

SCP-XXXX has also been able to use this ability offensively - shorting out devices with electrical impulses.

Despite being in Foundation custody for a time period much longer than the typical battery lifespan of this model, SCP-XXXX has required no recharging and still shows a full battery life.

SCP-XXXX was recovered on March XX, 2015, when a Foundation agent embedded in ███████ research and development was approached by Stacy ██████, allegedly the watch AI’s designer. When it became apparent Ms. ██████ was fully aware of the undercover agent’s connection to the Foundation, she was taken to a nearby safehouse for interrogation. After the nature of SCP-XXXX was revealed to the agent and his supervisor, it was decided Ms. ██████ would be treated with amnestics and released. Ms. ██████ currently remains under observation but has not been connected to any further anomalous activity nor shows any recollection of the Foundation.

Below is the transcript of the interview with SCP-XXXX after being separated from Ms. ██████.