Abundance Amount

Item #: SCP-2143

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-2143 is to be contained at all times in a 304.80 914.40 meter suburban house with modern furnishings. 3in. wide lead doors/walls should be placed on the building where SCP-2143 cannot see them in any way when inside the house. One D-Class personal servant w/ Geiger counter must be in the house at all times. If SCP-2143 is displeased with said D-class servant, a new one must replace him/her, and the replaced D-Class servant will be terminated.

SCP-2143 is a 72 year old Chinese male 1.702m in height. SCP-2143 was a newborn when a nuclear reactor had a meltdown in <REDACTED>. SCP-2143 was abandoned and miraculously survived. when SCP-2143 was 14, he was taken under care of the Special Hazards Unit (now known as the SHU) near the nuclear reactor. SCP-2143 has the highest radiation count on the planet, and is highly dangerous. If not pleased, SCP-2143 will glow and release a massive pulse of radiation, potent enough to cause a fallout 400km wide. If SCP-2143 finds out of anything suspicious of his whereabouts, He can, at will, walk through any material, even wurtzite boron nitride. When aggressive, SCP-2143 will cause any un-protected personnel to burn, have 3 layers of skin burnt off, or have extreme radiation sickness.

**Re-containment Procedures **
When SCP-2143 is loose, all personnel are to leave the area immediately. At any chance, they will call the SHU to calm SCO-2143 down and bring him to his house. If any O5 personnel are in the area, frist priority is to put 500km of distance between the sight of SCP-2143.