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Les Perhacs, Part 4.

Alternate Accompaniment: Under The Sun - Mark Pritchard

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SCP-XXXX was first noted in 1933, during construction. Agent Hewlett depicted on the right with construction worker.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Neutralized, previously Keter

Special Containment Procedures [1/23/1937]: Disinformation Protocol 5TR-Aokigahara has been permitted for implementation within the San Francisco area, following cooperative efforts with local government and Bethlehem Steel. Containment Teams Г2 and Э1 will continue attempts to secure SCP-XXXX. See HMCL Ernest Greene for more information in regards to potential containment units, production of suicide reports, and surveillance during the bridge's construction.

Update [10/11/1959]: Establishment of first Human Concealment and Disassociation Post (HCDP-1). Relocation and complete containment of SCP-XXXX is no longer feasible/necessary. All efforts are to focus on the continuation of Disinformation Protocol 5TR-Aokigahara, with assistance of HCDP-1.

Revised Procedures A [4/19/2006]: Disinformation Operation 8TS-Steel, AKA "The Bridge" implemented successfully, following interception of producers of documentary. See Dr. Smith for documentation of amnestic administration, interviews, and advertisement of "The Bridge" Project.

Update [11/30/2007]: Foundation Reconnaissance has also noted the development of the Bridge Rail Foundation, established to prevent the rise in suicide rate surrounding the Golden Gate Bridge by constructing a safety net around the bridge's exterior. Foundation plants are currently being selected, though intervention has been deemed low priority. Considerations for altering the proposed net's properties are being considered, due to possible conflicts and unexpected consequences related to SCP-XXXX's behavior.

Update [8/21/2013]: N/A. See Addendum XXXX-Ѫ.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an unidentified organism residing beneath the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Its general appearance includes a dark red hue and an insectoid shape, though its body structure and shape continuously transforms while in movement. Evaluation of surveillance tapes suggest that it is able to withdraw and extend limb-like appendages at will. SCP-XXXX also uses said limbs for extremely agile movement, grasping girders and beams to propel itself with precision beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

SCP-XXXX preys solely on individuals that have leaped or fallen off of the walkway of the Golden Gate bridge, be it through individual choice or the actions of other individuals. Using its mobility and flexibility, SCP-XXXX is able to easily reach and seize falling victims before inserting them into an orifice of variable location on its body. The orifice only appears when consuming subjects, and has been observed to consume individuals greater than 2 meters in height. Due to SCP-XXXX's amorphous properties, it is unclear where the orifice typically resides, though it has been described to lack any biological structures standard for average organisms.

Generally moving only during its consumption of humans, SCP-XXXX may remain in the same location for days at a time, though it will move to avoid observation or contact with all sapient beings such as the bridge's maintenance employees. SCP-XXXX has not been recorded to leave the Golden Gate Bridge.

Revision A [8/21/2013]: SCP-XXXX was originally spotted by two workers shortly after construction of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge began in 1933. At the time, SCP-XXXX was estimated to be about 0.7 meters in length, allowing it to distribute its mass into rod-like proportions and travel between wires below the bridge's narrower areas of construction. Currently, SCP-XXXX's body mass has increased to remain at 5.5 meters in length when not consuming a subject.

Addendum XXXX-Б [7/22/2005]:

Dr. Lekman | Chief Psychologist and Consular of Site-04

I have some serious concerns in regards to HMCL Greene's continual containment plans for SCP-XXXX, as well as their ramifications. Though I have reviewed the updates that our fellow researcher Jong has added, many areas of concern still remain, specifically the population's awareness of the anomaly.

I won't address all of them now, but here are my main points of discussion:

— Observing the provided graph, it's clear that suicide rates have seen a gradual increase over the past decades, which is a given considering San Francisco's population growth. Except, I know that past HMCL Schmidt has stated he would work with government officials to be allowed greater control over SCP-XXXX's, though I hate to say it, "feeding". This is a serious oversight if nothing was done following Schmidt's resignation, as the rate of suicide on the bridge has remained untouched, and SCP-XXXX has continued to grow in size through preying on people.

— Development of Sensory Amnestic technology from the Foundation began in 1972, and only saw it's earliest proper utilization in 1980. Currently, this technology is in no way used to prevent people from spotting SCP-XXXX, as quick as it is. I am not as well-versed in our older methods of amnestic distribution, but considering the lax procedures we have now, the prior decades should be put under review.

— HDCP-1 is consuming an unreasonable amount of resources, more than what was initially laid out amongst the plans for Observation Posts. HDCP-1's main purpose is clear:

  • Serve as a base of operations for Teams Г2 and Э1 in the prevention of SCP-xxxx's exposure to the public.
  • Further monitor SCP-xxxx's behavior and report any notable changes.
  • Employ representatives to cooperate and placate authorities and workers in regards to all suicides on the bridge.

I would like to discuss these issues with HMCL Greene and Head Researchers Miller and Weinkauf, as well as Researcher Beller. Should we not be able to resolve these issues, I have already planned a conference to be held on the 25th.

Dr. Lekman | Chief Psychologist and Consular of Site-04

After a conversation with HMCL Greene, I'd like to retract my previous concerns. It seems I had underestimated and misinterpreted points of interest from SCP-XXXX's documentation.

Addendum XXXX-Ѩ [3/2/2015]:
The following text is an excerpt from a private transmission between Steph Cutler and Matt Wilkinson, previously Level 2 Researchers stationed at Site-30.

Looking back in our old records— I didn't understand how we kept this contained. How were they able to cover up the more public accidents? What happened to Harold B. Wobbler, who had announced his plans shortly after stepping off his bus? What happened to Steven and Kellie Page's deaths, mother following her three year old son into the mouth of XXXX? Our more advanced amnestics only saw wide-spread Foundation distribution in the early 1970's, but the fact that NO damage control was happening with those that watched people jump was— not right.

Some other people may have been exaggerating the Foundation's inability to tweak the details of events like suicides— you need to keep in mind that they aren't wiping out the whole event's memory in people. I bet it's like they're applying white-out to hide some details, extremely potent but not susceptible to peeling away. Probably some of the stuff they use for huge breakouts.

Which is why I was mentioning the HDCP earlier. They're really good at their job. REALLY good.

Eight days after this transmission, Cutler and Wilkinson were apprehended for possible breaches of confidential Foundation records. Following confrontation, both Cutler and Stephenson have been debriefed on information regarding SCP-XXXX's properties by Researcher Okazaki and HMCL Greene. Both were determined to have accessed outdated information on SCP-XXXX, originating from 1940 to 1950, around SCP-XXXX's original documentation. Amnestic administration was determined unnecessary, and both personnel have been reassigned to Site-18.

It's possible SCP-XXXX possesses a slight infohazardous effect on certain individuals to search for conspiracy and fallacies in regards to all information on SCP-XXXX. Seeing that others are beginning to take greater initiatives in exposing an imaginary plot, I am bringing these events up to my colleagues in consideration of restricting access to SCP-XXXX's documentation.

Extra data on those affected by SCP-XXXX is currently available for all Level 4 personnel until my team is able to ascertain the full potency and effects of SCP-XXXX. High traffic environments with anomalies, in this case a national landmark, are already enough work by themselves. — HMCL Greene

Addendum XXXX-Ѫ [10/21/2016]: SCP-XXXX was contained in a temporary enclosed environment located ████████ ███ ██████ through the collaborative effort of MTF Theta-5 ("The Bigger Boat") and MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down"). HMCL Mikula permitted the usage of [REDACTED] during secondary attempts, but due to unforeseen circumstances SCP-XXXX was neutralized at an approximate 38 hours after containment. Further investigation of SCP-XXXX led MTF Nu-7 to [REDACTED] within HDCP-1.

Recorded communications within HDCP-1 implicate that SCP-XXXX retains memetic properties, preventing any further spread.

Extraction of [REDACTED] has been authorized and is currently being sent to ████████ in █████████. Current objectives include [REDACTED]. HDCP-1 is currently being reconstructed to address nearby anomalies outside of SCP-XXXX's previous original location.

I have decided to put SCP-XXXX's documentation on hold for a while, before we draft a proper summary of events.

No one before me was willing to make a statement about the enigma that was Mark Pritchard. We don't know if he's alive, but it's highly suspected that he is. We DO know what he wants, but if it isn't clear to you why his beliefs are wrong, consider checking yourself in for counseling. Pritchard has presented absolutely NO physical reports or documents on how he managed to combine the two attributes of two anomalies. He has chosen to not be transparent with his movements and ideas for a century.

Anomalies are unpredictable. Simply grasping at the invisible lines that hold them together and tying them into knots will not guarantee that it won't come undonoe, tie itself into another knot, or grab onto another thread.

Fear is what encouraged humanity to contain these. We will not tolerate attempts for otherwise.

Staff members like Greene saw Pritchard as a shelter for fear. Someone who can understand what they're studying, to the point of reverse-engineering it; an extremely rare occurrence within the Foundation.

As for SCP-2695, SCP-2825, and SCP-2745, I'll be contacting my colleagues regarding this incident. I have a good idea idea of whose may be a "follower" of Pritchard staffed at each anomaly.

I won't allow this masquerade to be broken.

Contact me if you have any questions. —HMCL Mikula