Item #: SCP-@

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: An internal wiki hosting service has been established on the Foundation database, accessible from any terminal with Level 1 or higher credentials. All personnel are to be notified of SCP-@ and this documentation upon being promoted to Level 1. Personnel below Level 1 clearance who are determined to be skilled comedy writers may be granted provisional @/1 clearance.

All Foundation personnel are encouraged to spend available time composing SCP-J articles to upload onto the SCP-J database. These articles are to be comedic in nature, and should match the standard formatting for SCP articles unless breaking the formatting has the potential to heighten the humorous quality of the article.

These documents may reference or be parodic of actual SCP items, but should not describe any actual SCP item. In the event that an item is discovered that matches the contents of a previously written SCP-J article that is both rated +100 or higher and has been previously accessed by SCP-@, the item is to be neutralized immediately. If neutralization is impossible, available staff are to launch a disinformation campaign on the in-built forum to thematically deconstruct, insult, or otherwise disparage the quality of the SCP-J article in question, with the intent of dropping its rating below +100. The article may then begin the deletion process, and personnel assigned to containment of the referenced object are to be isolated in preparation for a Final Deletion Event.

Should SCP-@'s credentials be detected on the Foundation database outside of the SCP-J wiki, any SCP object that is rated higher than +50 by SCP-@ Appreciation AI Codename CHAPLAIN is to be altered until its rating is below +30. Information can be removed or falsified for this purpose provided an accurate physical record is made beforehand. Documentation is to be corrected after recontainment of SCP-@ is confirmed.

Articles on the SCP-J database with a rating of +20 or below are subject to review to determine potential deletion. Personnel who repeatedly post articles below this threshold are to be reprimanded and banned from altering the SCP-J database.

Description: SCP-@ is an anomalous malware program present within the Foundation database. Attempts to remove SCP-@ or disconnect the servers on which it is located have resulted in the program appearing elsewhere within the database. It is assumed the only means of destroying SCP-@ is the destruction of the entire Foundation database.

SCP-@ shows a preference for traveling between pages using the database's in-built navigational pathways. Removal of these navigational pathways does not prevent SCP-@ from navigating, as it will jump to other pages seemingly at random if none are present.

SCP-@ alters any documentation it affects to describe additional anomalous properties or events not present in the original documentation, which will then retroactively be applied to reality. The additional properties have consistently made SCP objects more difficult to contain, and events described always result in the death of Foundation personnel or other significant loss of assets. Reverting the changes to the documentation has no effect on the real world.

SCP-@ demonstrates signs of limited sapience in its changes. This takes the form of a tendency to navigate toward pages with shorter length and more humorous contents. Combined with its navigational preferences, this led to the conceptualization and execution of the SCP-J program for containment. Due to the speed at which SCP-@ navigates the database, effective containment can be achieved with a rate of 1.5 SCP-J articles daily.

SCP-@ has shown signs of increasing standards for humorous content in recent years. Proposals to employ successful comedy writers to produce SCP-J articles are currently pending.

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