Item #:Wx

Object class:keter

Special containment procedures:This Scp is to be kept in a ordinary living room of any culture,but must be kept neat and tidy.Non-specfic measurements just good enough to be able to inhabit.This causes WX to become neutral and more rational.

Description:This scp is an humanoid male around 6'5 and aproxaimly 59kg.The physical apperance of WX changes at a Random rate.But the rough outline is a tuxedo with a red bowtie.The tuxedo changes apperance every 45-70 days at most,though it is random patterns of change.The material the tuxedo is comprised of changes(though every change of material is not in itself strange,being comprised of materials commonly use such as silk,cotton etc.)and all patterns ,aswell as colour.Also changes wether or not he is wearing any hat of any kind.It has been discovered that his name "choa" stands for choas in which he claims to be the enbodiment of. it is a keter-level threat because of his anomalous effects which include a plethra of things such as making things spontanously explode,implode,eraising people(and things)from exsistence,causing a mass outbreak of disease&famine,causing a nuclear fallout etc.This scp has no pattern making it more choatic and random.A popular theory is that this scp is containable under the special containment procedures because the order balances out his chaos.