SCP-2973 (Draft) [Agent 327]
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Item #: SCP-2973

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2973 must be contained in a 10x10x8 meter room w/ a computer to engage in conversation. SCP-2973 is allowed human commodities (books, pets) for good behavior, as long as it has been tested that it cannot cause a possible breach. SCP-2973 is allowed to exit his cell at will if Dr. ████ and level three or higher personnel are notified of his exit is allowed to exit his cell for 2 hours maximum. If he exits Research Sector-██, the facility is to be on lockdown until he is contained.

Description: SCP-2973 appears to be a tall humanoid figure with a mass of 627 kilograms, a height of 6 meters, and male features. SCP-2973 has Light Brown hair and Grey skin. it's Sclera is colored yellow, and it's Iris is colored red. It constantly wears a red cloak.

Note: When asked to remove this article of clothing, it will give anyone currently making eye contact severe trauma, phobias, or nightmares.

SCP-2973 has extreme psychic powers that cannot be measured by the foundation, but it has been assumed that it has ties into his current emotions. SCP-2973 was found in ██████, Germany, walking through the city with what appeared to be a gas mask device that allowed him to speak in other languages. SCP-2973 calmly went into containment willfully. the device was removed along with several others, kept as SCP-2973-A, SCP-2973-B, SCP-2973-C, SCP-2973-D, SCP-2973-E, SCP-2973-F, SCP-2973-G and SCP-2973-H. Has a companionship with SCP-049. cannot speak any known language, but can read, write, and understand each known language perfectly. Claims to know everything.

Note: After tests, it has been noted that SCP-2973's flesh is 100% Ag47 (Silver), and his "Hair" is 100% Cu29 (Copper), Despite both being able to move freely.

Addendum A-1: D-2773 interacted with SCP-2973 whilst being studied by ██████. during this interaction, SCP-2973 began making psychic "experiments" on D-2773, ultimately, causing his decease.

Foreword: D-2773 is brought into SCP-2973's chamber. SCP-2973 manages to shroud himself in darkness, concealing it from D-2773.

<Begin Log>

██████: "Hello SCP-2973, we have brought in a…uh…"studying" partner for you to interact with"

SCP-2973: (types on prompter)[well…at least it's a person…]

D-2773: "So, doc, what should i say too…he? she? y'know, let's just call it, it"

██████: "Engage in conversation, physical contact, whatever you please,as long as you do not harm SCP-2973"

██████: "Ok, uh…so…what are you exactly?"

SCP-2973: (types on prompter)[I am of a race called {Illegible}]

D-2773: "wait…what is…going…"

██████: "What's going on?"

SCP-2973: (types on prompter)[he is now experiencing something i cannot describe right now, but it should enhance his mental abilities…]

D-2773: "I..feel like i'm…my? MY NERVES ARE LITERALLY BURNING!!!"

[D-2773's arms burst into flames]

SCP-2973 (types on prompter)[he is not capable of learning…if he survives, he will kill EVERYTHING on earth…i will kill him…]

[At this point, D-2773 starts screaming in extreme pain]

██████: "END IT! END THE LOG RI-"

<End Log>

Closing Statement: despite desperate attempts to retrieve D-2773, he was torn in half from head to genitalia. since then, his contact with People has been limited.

(Viewers note; This is my VERY FIRST scp file, so please don't be TOO harsh with it. Also i would enjoy some editorial advice.)