Genetically Identical Babies

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is currently uncontained. Due to the nature and strict manifestation requirements of this entity, counteractive measures are limited to monitoring news media and maternity wards for instances of SCP-3XXX-1.

Upon confirmation of infestation, genetic samples from SCP-3XXX-1 are to be cross-referenced with Foundation and law enforcement databases. The appearance of SCP-3XXX-1 is to also be referenced against recent births within a 50 Kilometer radius.

Confirmed instances of SCP-3XXX-1 are to be eliminated. Amnestics are to be used upon all caregivers of SCP-3XXX-1 instances, and appropriate cover stories provided for the sudden absence of their children. Existing copies of news records are to be expunged wherever possible, and failing that ‘exposed’ as a hoax online by Foundation front groups.

Approximately 1 week after the death of an infant (a child between one month and one year of age), an anomalous zone of effect may manifest1.

A birth within this anomalous zone, SCP-3XXX, will produce offspring genetically distinct from both parents, but genetically and physically identical to the aforementioned deceased infant. Such instances are designated SCP-3XXX-1. This occurs regardless of attributes previously confirmed in the fetus that becomes SCP-3XXX-1, such as size, sex, and race.

The creation of an SCP-3XXX-1 instance triggers expansion of SCP-3XXX, which then grows at a rate of roughly 3 kilometers per week. Each additional SCP-3XXX-1 further increases the rate of growth. Elimination of all SCP-3XXX-1 instances will nullify SCP-3XXX, and is to be considered the primary objective of SCP-3XXX containment.

Since the first confirmed report in 200█, SCP-3XXX has occurred ███ times. Sex, race, and age (less than 1 year) of template child and means of death have no significance upon the likelihood of SCP-3XXX manifestation.2