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Proposal for Project Gray-Delta

From: Head Researcher ████████ █████

Since the breach of SCP-████, I had been very concerned on how the Foundation is going to progress throug the timeline. We had been unsuccessful at many times in containing dangerous items due to our stupidity. From what I had observed so far, the Foundation's main mistakes were made due to the lack of decisions made by personnel based on logic. Logic is the weapon of the Foundation, and we would be unarmed if it is ignored. Logic is what separates us from other groups commonly involved with the appearance of paranormal and anomalous items. Logic is what man has utilized to thrive on in this world to this day. But yet, logic can be easily ignored. Human emotions…anger, sympathy, greed, and fear; common sense could easily lose its priority if emotions of us take over, ripping us apart. We have stumbled again and again under these misleading commands. We cannot fail anymore. We cannot afford to. After reconsidering my choice multiple times, I have finally decided to bring myself here to present the answer to the dilemma we are facing.

I sat, hunched towards the dark wooden table, as I watched Mrs. Ferris scribbled on the blackboard. Against the dark table, I rhythmically tapped my pale and skinny fingertips as I continue to try to keep my eyes open. Mrs. Ferris is an old strict lady with white hair and has a need for a constant coffee supply. She was wearing her dull and dark uniform today, as she did every single day. I wearily raised my head and glanced at the big white clock. The black little hands moved little by little, as my two dark eyelids droop little by little. I shook my head. Science isn't supposed to be boring. I know what science is supposed to be like. My dad had shown me. My dad is a scientist. He had taught me things in a way that actually fascinated me. Although he would never tell me about what he was researching, he was always glad to show me science articles and explain them to me in full detail. It's just a shame that my dad isn't usually around, and I have to be stuck with Mrs. Ferris for science class. I sighed. It is kind of amazing to see how different can two people deliver information. When my dad is teaching me, I'd try my hardest to listen and learn. When Mrs. Ferris is teaching me, I'd try my hardest to stay awake.

Come on, just twenty more minutes. Twenty more minutes. Nineteen more minutes. Mrs. Ferris was still writing bullet-pointed facts about cell organelles on the blackboard, coughing every once in a while from the spreading white chalk dust. We were supposed to take notes on cell parts, but we did that two times this week already. I also already learned them from my dad before this week. Ugh.

Finally, unable to stand it anymore, the curtains of my eyes drawn close and I no longer can care.

"You fell asleep in class again today, didn't you?" Aunt Violet asked. After today's science class, Mrs. Ferris handed me a detention slip. I had to stay for an extra hour at school, which I promptly slept through.

"My chances of staying awake is better when I am visiting a hypnotist," I groaned.