Agent Emmel
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Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in a temporary site with an inner wall consisting of a concrete covered reinforced steel, with openable ports to be used in a migration event. The site also consists of an outer wall disguised as a tall privacy fence with reinforced steel on the back. These sites are known as Site-127, and they vary in size based on the host structure of SCP-XXX. Surveillance cameras have been installed inside SCP-XXX by sending in remote control drones to place them. SCP-XXX is to be kept under constant supervision, and is to be surrounded by armed guards at all times. Because of it’s randomized migration and release of SCP-XXX-1, the area inside of the inner wall has the ability to function as a kill chamber. The kill chamber is utilized by opening the ports to allow direct fire upon SCP-XXX-1. If any surveillance equipment inside of SCP-XXX malfunctions, or otherwise needs repair, a drone with the necessary equipment to solve the issue must be sent in immediately. A distortion of video feed after completion of a test is to be expected, and does not warrant the use of a drone. No more than 10 Class-D personnel are to be utilized in tests on SCP-XXX to prevent it's area of influence from expanding. During a migration event, notify a Level-4 or higher. They will then notify Mobile Task Force Sigma-19 "Man Cave", and the search for the next destination of SCP-XXX will begin.

DISCLAIMER: Different instances of SCP-XXX are referred to as SCP-XXX-A through Z. If the number of instances exceeds Z then it is referred to as SCP-XXX-A2, and so on. ~Dr. Hepburn

SCP-XXX is an anomaly that inhabits low-complexity structures, most often tool sheds. It has been observed to change locations unprovoked, prompting the release of instances of SCP-XXX-1 from the newly abandoned location. SCP-XXX has not been observed to inhabit larger buildings, such as houses, nor has it left the continental United States. It is not currently known why SCP-XXX only attaches to low complexity structures, nor why it remains local to the continental U.S. The first recorded instance of SCP-XXX was located via strange 911 call. [See Transcript of SCP-XXX-A's Location Call]

One of SCP-XXX's most notable anomalous properties is the ability to cause immediate asphyxiation upon entrance of the current host structure. SCP-XXX also seems to have a specific aggression towards humans. This is proven by the fact that after 10 minutes of continuous exposure to SCP-XXX, any living humans within an approximate 6 meter radius generally experience disturbing or enticing phenomena. Though it is not audible/visible to those who are not currently in the previously specified radius, it is most often described as the sounds of a loved one or child in pain. This "lure tactic" will get progressively stronger the more SCP-XXX consumes living humans. During the testing of SCP-XXX-A, it was concluded that after consuming 11 living humans SCP-XXX is able to extend it's area of influence to double the previous distance. The "lure tactic" does not seem to work on animals, supporting this conclusion is SCP-XXX-B Test #2. [See SCP-XXX Test Logs] We also, as a result of testing, have determined asphyxiation only occurs once the torso has passed through the door. This is supported by SCP-XXX-B Test #1.[See SCP-XXX Test Logs]

After a human expires inside of SCP-XXX, any and all surveillance equipment in or around SCP-XXX will become heavily distorted and the body will disappear. If someone is witnessing the event first hand, they will be temporarily blinded when the body disappears. When the bodies are pulled into a space similar to SCP-106's Pocket Dimension. This is proven by SCP-XXX-B Test #3 [See SCP-XXX-Test Logs]

When SCP-XXX is about to migrate, it releases all of the bodies it captured in the form of reanimated corpses. When these corpses are released, they are known as SCP-XXX-1. SCP-XXX-1 are extremely dangerous, and heavily resistant to damage. The only known way to kill SCP-XXX-1 is to damage it’s body enough to cause it to lose the ability to move, then sever the connection from its body to its brain (Decapitation), or complete incineration.


[Addendum XXX-1]
I'm pushing for the O-5 Council to greenlight testing of other SCP's inside of SCP-XXX. They seem reluctant to say the least. -Dr. Emmel

[Addendum XXX-2]
To all Site-127 personnel, remember, no more than 10 living humans can be comsumed by SCP-XXX during a single instance. We don't want a breach like SCP-XXX-A's ever again. -Dr. Emmel