SCP-3394 - Fruit Thing

=-=The following document is for level four eyes onlly=-=

Item #: 3394
Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3394 is to be contained in a 10x10x10 secure holding cell in Research Sector-14 of Site-19. SCP-3394 is not to be taken out of it cell unless approved by a level 4 or higher personel, when being transferred SCP-3394 Is to be put in a 5x5x5 steel cube.SCP-3394 does not need to eat, drink, sleep or breath. SCP-3394 is to be fed seven class-D personel every few days. No camras are to be placed in the cell.

Description: SCP-3394 is a floating 4x4 unidentifided fruit with a strange face carved into it. SCP-3394's anomalous properties activate when a human (or any other sentient being) passes SCP-3394's line of sight. SCP-3394 will start choping through any substance to get to the person(s) that it has seen. SCP-3394 seems to have accses to cameras aslong as it can see them.