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Item #: SCP-SMRI

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-SMRI is contained in a climate-controlled high-value artifact vault at Site-17. Because of its believed connection to the ███████ civilization, access to SCP-SMRI requires Level 4 security clearance. If the object must be moved, it must be covered in an opaque cloth or placed into an opaque container to limit exposure to its secondary anomaly.

Archaeologists and linguists familiar with the ███████ civilization are currently attempting to translate SCP-SMRI's speech and establish communication with the entity. Translation of glyphs inscribed onto SCP-SMRI is also a major priority.

UPDATE 29 February 1996: Communication with SCP-SMRI has been established. Foundation historical and linguistic specialists may consult with SCP-SMRI regarding information on the ███████ civilization with permission from the current Site-17 Director. The Site-17 humanoid anomaly psychologist and a translator will meet with SCP-SMRI weekly in order to assess its mental health. SCP-SMRI has agreed to learn German to facilitate communication; an instructor will meet with it twice a week for this purpose.

Description: SCP-SMRI is an animate, intact human skeleton partially embedded in a coral reef. Sex is indeterminate, but examination indicates SCP-SMRI is likely female. Estimated height of the skeleton when standing is 2 meters. It is coated in a naturally-occurring form of electrum1 and has a 3 centimeter red jewel resembling a ruby clenched in its jaw.2 The majority of the skeleton's surface has runes in the ███████ language carved into it. A heavily-corroded double-edged sword not closely resembling any known makes or styles of sword constructed of an unknown alloy is embedded 1.3 meters to the right of the main skeletal mass, hilt facing towards the skeleton's left arm.3 SCP-SMRI frequently reaches for this sword. Of note is the fact that much of the coral in close proximity to the skeleton resembles an unknown style of laminar armor. Attempts at identifying the age of various parts of SCP-SMRI indicates that it has existed in its current state for at least 10,000 years; however, most tests have been inconclusive.

SCP-SMRI has demonstrated awareness of its surroundings and possible sapience. Specifically, SCP-SMRI will face any individuals approaching it, moving objects, and sources of noises in close proximity to it. Any individuals making visual contact with SCP-SMRI may experience auditory hallucinations of a voice, described as low-pitched and similar to growling, speaking (and, on occasion, shouting) in an unknown language.

UPDATE 13 September 1996: SCP-SMRI's sapience has been verified; communication with the entity is ongoing. Ethics Committee Anomaly Type has not yet been assigned, with provisional Type A designation currently standing.

Recovery: On 13 October 1989, a corporate fishing vessel operating in international waters in the Sea of Japan reported to its home port in Toyama, Toyama Prefecture, Japan that an object of possible archaeological significance had been recovered. Foundation automated systems later detected communications from the crew declaring the recovered item to be cursed, and plans to dispose of the item at sea. Foundation vessels operating under cover as Japan Coast Guard vessels intercepted the vessel, recovering SCP-SMRI and administering Class-C amnestics to the crew, with appropriate record-scrubbing efforts following.

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