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SCP-1690 captured via SONAR, retreating below Site-127

Item #: SCP-1690

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-1690 is located approximately 1 km below Site-127, formerly the offshore oil platform ████████████ coordinates ██°██’██”█ ██°██’██”█. This platform has been retrofitted to meet the research equipment requirements of the scientists stationed, and believed by the world at large to be the property of the ███████ government. The immediate perimeter of Site-127 is routinely patrolled by Level 2 security staff - however, personnel is instructed not to enter the immediate 10 km vicinity of SCP-1690.

SCP-1690 is actively tracked at all times by both active sonar and NAVSAT positioning. Any deviation from Site-127 is automatically reported to Site-128 on mainland ███████, where personnel can react with re-containment procedures. In the case that containment is no longer possible - either by total loss of personnel or by an unforeseen behavior by SCP-1690 - the 25-30km area of the ██████ ocean around Site-127 is to be irradiated and contaminated with a payload of 5,000 terabecquerels of radioactive material.

Personnel assigned to Site-127 are selected for high levels of mental conditioning and are trained in resisting external commands and manipulation. Researchers hypothesize that the environmental effect of SCP-1690 can be attributed to a highly subtle form of telepathy.

Due to the risk of mental influence, only a small staff of researchers is permitted at Site-127 for any long-term duration. When a researcher indicates any sign of influence or affection towards SCP-1690, that researcher is to be quarantined and studied. Supplies and class D personnel are brought to Site-127 via helicopter once per week.

SCP-1690 is a large, amorphous bubble approximately 8 metres in diameter and constructed out of an unknown gaseous chemical mixture. SCP-1690 is sentient and is able to manifest deep underwater at will - attempts at destroying or disrupting the “bubble” cause it to appear again within the next hour. In the interest of keeping SCP-1690 contained, no attempts to terminate SCP-1690 are permitted at this time.

SCP-1690 uses its considerable mental signal to attract prey in a range up to 800 meters away (Note: this is max recorded range as of ██/██/201█. The capabilities of SCP-1690 are still being studied). Once the influenced human approaches, SCP-1690 drifts closer to its victim until the human enters the “bubble” body of SCP-1690. The chemicals inside this structure appear to initially cause light burns to the epidermis, but the test subject caught inside SCP-1690 appears visibly relaxed. SCP-1690 keeps the victim preserved and provides breathable air regardless of the water depth or pressure. Test subjects have been known to survive for up to ███ days before succumbing to starvation. In all tests conducted, SCP-1690 has only attracted one human at a time. [Revision: See Incident 1690/4B]

Although the prey of SCP-1690 appears to be in a sedated, dream-like state throughout its containment within SCP-1690, on several occasions the test subjects have struggled violently towards the end of its capture. Researchers have recorded incidents where the victim suddenly wakes within SCP-1690, and upon realizing their situation, the subject struggles to scream and escape the “bubble” of SCP-1690. The test subject continues to struggle until they expire. Corpses later recovered show signs of rapid decomposition inconsistent with cases where the victim remained passive.

With each incident, SCP-1690 reacts by withdrawing further below Site-127. However, SCP-1690 continues to elevate towards Site-127 shortly after with no apparent consequences or reaction to the premature death of a test subject. [Revision: See Incident 1690/18G]

Foundation personnel have been able to isolate SCP-1690 beneath Site-127 by luring it to the surface periodically. Through various trials, researchers found that while almost all mammals have been affected by the mental attraction to SCP-1690, humans are the only “prey” that SCP-1690 will actively pursue. Class-D Personnel are authorized to be utilized as both a research tool and a method of securing SCP-1690 below Site-127. SCP-1690 is to be kept stationary at all times, through any means possible.