Nehemat - Oversoon Paurousia
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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Safe Keter (SCP-X) / Thaumiel (SCP-X-1)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is kept sedated in a standard high security humanoid containment cell at Site-17. One guard is to be posted outside the cell at all times. Personnel must avoid direct contact with the skin of SCP-X unless under scheduled experimentation.1 The employement of one male D-class subject as servitude has secured continued cooperation from SCP-X, and has been aproved by Project Lead Dr. Drolet. Following the aftermat of Incident X-W-1, no new personnel is to be introduced to SCP-X, and servitude is no longer necessary.

SCP-X-1 is to be kept in a high security storage cabinet when not in use. Access to the object is limited to personnel with level 4 clearance and written authorization from the Project Lead. Under no circumstances is SCP-X allowed to gain possession of SCP-X-1.

Explorations of X-W must have O5 permission. All exploration attempts are halted until Mobile Task Force λ-10 ("Ratatoskr") and the Science Team return. Dr. Drolet.

Update: Personnel succesfully recovered. Dr. Renard.

Update (2): The construction of Outpost 17-X as a base of operations in X-w has been completed and the collection of the prime matter needed for Compound X-MM is authorized.

Description: SCP-X is a female humanoid of average build and pale white skin. Its anomalous feature manifests when a human comes in direct physical contact with its skin. The next time the subjects falls asleep; they will experience a lucid dream regarding a whole day in their daily lives, but with some alterations. (See Test Log X-A for details.) This effect will occur the next time they fall asleep and will not repeat unless contact with SCP-X is done again. Subsequent exposure will result in different dreams. To date no dream has repeated in a subject. No other anomalous effects have manifested. Personnel may volunteer for experimentation with approval given by Dr. Renard. No more testing is allowed. (See Incident X-W-1).

A secondary effect to SCP-X has been found

SCP-X claims to be an inhabitant of a location designated X-W, apresumed alternate dimension which was in the middle of a world-wide war conflict. After several interviews with SCP-X, the exact date when X-W separates from our timeline has been established as December 24 of 1940. Several events differ in X-W history up to 1970, when an unkown extraterrestrial entity caused a possible XK-Class end-of-the-world scenario.

Recovery Log X-R: SCP-X was found wandering in the corridors of Site-██'s Euclid wing. It was apprehended and interrogated. When its anomalous capacities were gauged it was transfered to Site 17.

Incident X-W-1: In ██/██/16, two days after the return of the exploration, Dr. Drolet, a member of the Science Team was found deceased it its office. The cause of death was determined to be cardiac arrest. Dr. Drolet's medical file shows no history of heart problems. The doctor was unable to finish his report regarding the exploration of X-W and all related documentation and data were lost. With the aid of the personnel involved in testing of its primary effect, SCP-X breached containment and attemped