Item #: SCP-2422

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2422 is to be contained in a standard sized cell. Infrared cameras are to be installed in all corners. Furniture is allowed but no piece is to be removed without screening. Also, no new items are to be introduced into the environment, unless outlined in a testing procedure. The items within the cell are as follows:

  • one chair: wooden, straight-backed
  • one table: oak, 60cmx40cm
  • two potted plants: chrysalidocarpus lutescens (1), primula vulgaris - purple (1)
  • three toys: yellow bear (1), green dinosaur (1), red snake (1)
  • six toy blocks (wood) with painted designs: blue circle, red triangle, yellow square, black star, white moon, green spiral
  • one book: A Photographic Encyclopedia of Trees of North America

Description: SCP-2422 is a creature with wildly fluctuating form, which demonstrates uncanny abilities of camouflage and mimicry. The creature is able to change its body shape within seconds of being seen by another living creature. It is capable of changing many variables including (but presumably not limited to) skeletal structure, eye structure and position, number and formation of legs, blood composition, and the existence of an exoskeleton.

SCP-2422 is capable of reproducing the appearance of both living and non living things, even those that have a form different in mass or chemical composition. Analysis of skin during testing has shown that the creature reproduces the exact substance it is mimicking, such as turning into sheet metal when presented with a filing cabinet, and paper when presented with a newspaper. There is no scientific consensus for how the creature increases or reduces its mass, or produces these materials and disperses them into precise positions in the timespan of each transformation. The time it takes for a complete transformation to manifest is one tenth of a second.

Testing has shown that the creature is capable of remembering shapes it has taken in the past, but not their meaning. In one test conducted by doctor Marten, a fox was introduced to SCP-2422's cell, and the creature took on a form identical to the animal specimen. Immediately after, the fox was removed and a rabbit introduced, but the SCP copied the form of the rabbit, showing that, while it's skill serves as a defence mechanism, it does not understand concepts such as food-chains to better deter what is perceives as predators.

The detail of SCP-2422's copies reaches a high level as described in the research notes. It has mimicked several members of staff, reproducing details such as clothing material, brand and strength of glasses, and accent. It has been documented that SCP-2422 can speak if it is mimicking a creature with speech capabilities (this includes trained parrots), however, much like a parrot, it shows no comprehension of what it is saying. Subjects involved in tests have repeatedly stated that the only way to determine the genuine D-class subject from the copying SCP, was by listening for who spoke first, as true unison has not yet been achieved.

Thus far the creature's behaviour has not suggested a 'natural' or 'original' form, meaning that no genus or species can be identified. SCP-2422 has also shown no interest in any food item left in its cell, apart from one incident described by doctor Harvey as
2422 found great amusement in a tin of canned peaches that had been left open in its cell to see if it could be tempted to eat. For over two hours the creature jumped between the forms of an open tin – complete with logos, labels and other marks – to a mass of syrup and peach halves. It seemed to find the activity fun, and though not a scientific hypothesis, I suspect it would have been laughing if it understood the gesture”.

To date SCP-2422 has never harmed a member of staff, even when one test called for a subject to attempt to start a fight. The SCP changed shape as usual, and proceeded to mimic every move the subject made. Testimony from the D-class present at the test states that even though physical contact was made, the SCP's punch was not even strong enough to cause a bruise. Once further tests corroborated this evidence, it was petitioned that SCP-2422 be reclassified as Safe. Reclassification was granted despite the SCP's sentience, and permanent furnishings were introduced to the cell (on the recommendation of doctor Harvey) to ensure that the creature remain placated.

Subsequent surveillance of the creature in its new environment has shown that the shapes SCP-2422 takes on most frequently are a redwood sapling (reproduced from photos in A Photographic Encyclopedia of Trees of North America), and the primrose plant.