Item #: SCP-3760

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Each instance of SCP-3760 is to be kept in a separate, 6cm by 17cm. cylinder tube made of tungsten, left in Store room-06 of Site-██, and require level 3+ research team for testing.

Testing is recommended to take place every ██ days to observe feeding and breeding patterns. Any SCP personnel bitten by an instance of SCP-3760 are to be taken to doctor ██████ for abnormal memory analysis. If any abnormal memories are shown, personnel must undergo class-A amnesiac treatment, and are to be reinstated to their normal role after re-education. Any class-D bitten are to be terminated if any abnormal memories are shown.

Description: Instances of SCP-3760 appear to be Mopane worms varying in external colour, yet have an oral structure similar to that of a sea lamprey. Their external colours do change, however, do not appear to indicate anything measurable by foundation staff. When threatened, instances of SCP-3760 will emit light radiation of up to 1 million candela effectively but temporarily blinding any aggressors, using this blindness to find an opening in the subjects clothing to bite them. This causes subjects to feel incredibly confused, stating that things around them were different in some cases, most bite victims do not remark on such changes.

All bite victims claim that they felt no pain after being bitten, but will always be slightly docile and will refuse orders to attack instances of SCP-3760. It is unknown what causes this docile state, as no chemical compound is found in the subjects.

Addendum 3760-1: SCP-3760 was found after MTF unit Mu-36 intercepted a call to the [REDACTED] police about bright flashes coming from a house. Upon further inspection, Mu-35 discovered that these flashes of light are anomalous and decided to contain the SCP. The homeowner who was detained claimed to know about the foundation, stating that the foundation was fictitious. The homeowner was then labelled SCP-3760-CAS01, and an intelligence leak was then investigated but dropped once testing began.

Addendum 3760-2: Instances of SCP-3760 do not need to feed and mating between instances doesn’t appear to involve physical contact. After two instances mate, they will both fall pregnant and seemingly regurgitate their young within 2 weeks. The young will grow to maturity within 2 weeks. There is currently no known expiry date for instances of SCP-3760. If a subject manages to successfully kill an instance of SCP-3760 prior to being bitten, the instance will immediately decompose to a state that would take a mopane worm 2 weeks. If a subject kills an instance accidentally after being bitten, the subject will feel a great deal of regret but no symptoms of this are shown after removal from the proximity of any of the instances.

Addendum 3760-3: It is currently theorised by Dr.███ that bite victims will have their consciousness swapped from a different timeline, along with their memories. This will go to explain SCP-3760-CAS01’s knowledge of the foundation.

Closing statement by MTF Mu-35 Agent ██████ Codename “Voodoo”: Yes, this SCP is able to blind Hostile personnel. No, I do not believe we should use instances of SCP-3760 as “Living flashbang” as that could cause a containment breach if _ANY_ instance was to be unaccounted for, their breeding patterns could mean that they could possibly asexually reproduce, and we don’t want them to be re-introduced to the [DATA REDACTED] ecosystem.