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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is required to be kept in the deepest, underground accommodation to prevent the entity from performing EMP strikes on the site. Entity must be unplugged at all times unless testing is being carried out. Please be aware while no power is being supplied SCP-XXXX is still partially active, unplugging only prevents the entity from stealing nearby electricity sources. Under no circumstances should personnel below level 4 clearance attempt to log into the entity. This can be extremely dangerous if the personnel tries to communicate as some subjects are forbidden (see bottom of article), potentially this could provoke SCP-XXXX and it will not hesitate to harm opposing threats.

Do not enter Containment with mobile devices, radio's or any other type of technological devices that could possibly provide power for the subject. SCP-XXXX can speak and understand any language fluently, therefore do not discuss classified information, this could lead to leaked info and that's the last thing the foundation need.

Description: SCP-XXXX has aesthetics similar to that of a common PC manufactured by the company Microsoft. However X-ray scanning reveals the case to be empty. Accompanying the PC is a standard 30 cm X 30 cm monitor these together are considered as one SCP.

Once booted up the entity will display the standard windows log in screen. Upon several tries to guess the password and failing to succeed, SCP-XXXX said the words "Say please". The team followed said instructions and a ten figure password was automatically entered into the input box. Once 2 minutes 45 seconds had passed a home screen appeared with only one program pinned up. It read "try me". The program appears to be 15 kb in size yet when opened nothing out of the ordinary occurs all personnel in the vicinity appear to become extremely depressed.

Personnel will begin mourning, when asked to give any details, all replied with the name, "john". All refuse to give a surname. The importance of the character "john" has been revealed in the interview attached.

SCP-XXXX can be an extreme nuisance when provoked. The subject is capable of sucking in all electricity in a 200 meter radius, this is then used for various different self defence and destructive behaviours. The site has witnessed both self defence and destructive actions. For self defence the subject will zap anything organic detected within 10 meters instantly killing with 20 milliamperes. This has occurred [DATA EXPUNGED] times on the site so far. Once enough energy is absorbed the subject is capable of launching a ginormous EMP wave 200 meters being it's worst effect and an extra 300 with a weaker effect.

SCP-XXXX was found by an expedition through Chernobyl (city affected by intense radioactivity after a nuclear spill), in an office complex so close to the old reactor that it has taken 6 months to decontaminate. No other anomalies were found in the area.

SCP-XXXX has stated in the interview that it is capable of jumping between computers. This has not yet been proven correct, most likely just an attempt at intimidation.