"When playing in sandbox, beware of cat turds"- My Father, upon hearing of my intent to write an SCP

The first SCP that that i actually felt moved by on a visceral level was 1609. Id like this to be a spiritual daughter article, & try to capture the same emotion of regret, and righteous indignation, for and at an injustice against an innocent entity. The concept that the Foundation is cold, but cold because theres a job that needs done, shows that they believe in something worth fighting for. Theres a romanticism woven into the calculations, that the constant, tortuous effort is not without meaning. It's done to preserve what we understand to be meaningful. The foundation cares. The GOC hates, MC&D leers, and the Chaos Insurgency lashes out. The Foundation cares enough to make wading through the multitude of threats worth it to its members. It would be easy to be passionate, it takes far more love for the greater good to be devoted to perfect, calculating detail and form.

( * = "this needs to be replaced with detailed content, or needs even more attention than the rest of this abomination")

Ive bitten off a hell of a first timer. For it to work, each piece of of this article needs to generate a specific impression in the reader.

The first segment needs to be a generic first step into investigation of a reality bender. A trail of breadcrumbs is found, its deciphered that multiple anomalous objects are involved, that somebody is on the run, and that people have already died. An investigation is launched. This all needs to seem blase, and overused, and basic. "Just another RB, just another collection of anomalous artifacts." Id like to avoid 'click this link to see the next iteration of this page'. I want to generate an impression of immediate impact, not months of research. When they reach the bottom of the first segment, I'd like the reader to be prompted, as RAISA Admin/Reviewer, to 'begin revision of page'. the segment will disappear, & a section of tabs showing 'all available information Re: SCP-XXXX. Please review all pertinent data before editing page & confirming permanent revision. Your session will be added to archived maintenance logs." will appear.

The second section of the article needs to generate a gradual 'reveal' of how dangerous this Type Green is- and that it is indeed a Type Green, because the Foundation is late to the party. An assigned MTF shows up at the same time as a GOC team investigating a previous shelter taken by the POI. Either a GOC Op is captured or they grab their paperwork. Gathered intel from the GOC shows they've been tracking the POI with orders to shoot to kill for years, and it's responsible for the deaths of dozens of operatives, the creation of hundreds of anomalous objects, and incredible effort in recon and tracking.

Another tab logs tests of various AO. The objects are safe, benevolent, helpful- a wallet that always has another ten dollars in it when opened, for example. The Foundation assumes there's a terrible secret lurking and all D-class involved are currently in isolation to see what part of their body turns inside out first.

A play-by-play of the firefights with GOC teams shows the presence of the RB during the fight. It is assumed to be a three-way fight between the parties, but NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE of the RB taking arms is given. The MTF agents are sure during debriefing that the RB was shooting (or SOMETHING) at them, and evidence of Hume activity shows that it was indeed active, but the reader is LED to believe in an aggressive, spiteful RB, not shown an MTF agent flattened into 2 dimensions or turned into an opal statue.

In actuality, one Operator will report being dragged to safety by another that is confirmed by the rest of the team to have been nowhere near their position at the time. A note will be added to investigate possible memory jackassery from the POI. The reader will have an inkling of a benevolent entity taking a risk to save a life- possibly using anomalous means.

The reader will be prompted to 'scan for updated information'. additional data will be added to all tabs.

The test logs will reveal no negative effects to any collected anomalous objects after a month of observation. The objects are as harmless, and beneficial, as they seem. The cigars are just cigars.
Further collected documents from an inside source in the GOC reveal the presence of a Chaos Insurgency mole in their ranks, having been outed, detained, and tortured, it is now known that theyve compromised dozens of projects, including possibly the casefile associated with this very Type Green. Their primary method of sabotage was to alter intel to make what was deadly seem harmful and the harmless look life-threatening, thereby wasting GOC lives when they underestimate objects and resources when they chase harmless entities.
The MTF agents have been thoroughly examined for psychological stability. The Operator who was helped to safety by what appeared to be another agent was not incorrect- at one point in the mission, there were was a doppelganger hauling an Op out of fire.
A final climactic showdown will end with the RB being killed by the GOC, but not before a brutal chase, fight, and mutual sabotage between the MTF and the GOC squad. The environment will collapse, the MTF barely escaping, the GOC taking heavy casualties.

The reader will 'confirm final revision of the page'.

The final page will be a short, bland SCP. XXXX is a graveyard, XXXX-1 a grave within. To prevent anomalous activity, containment will include regular delivery of flowers to the headstone, cleaning and maintenance of the site, & replacing the custodian and guard with Foundation security. The previous MTF will be kept on call regarding any intrusion onto the site, REGARDLESS OF AVAILABLE FUNDING OR WHETHER THEY ARE ON DUTY. Testing on remains of the RB is denied on grounds of lack of useful information.