Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3333 is to be kept inside a 10x10 meter glass, in attempt of breaches, SCP-3333 shall be attempted to be contained inorder of Dr. Park's orders, However, SCP-3333 is capable of transforming and doing anything.

Description: SCP-3333 is a human Caucasian male, However, it can shapeshift into many forms, many appearances, and many ghosts, or gods, or SCP's and clones. It is capable of flying into the air, or vanishing without a trace, SCP-3333 is capable of making instances of SCP-3333-1, SCP-3333-1 resemble powerful black zombies that can appendage from one range to another, However, when SCP-3333 makes contact with a human, it will go rogue and easily breach containment, It has a hatred of Dr. Park, which is expressed in one (1) interview.

Addendum A-1: SCP-3333 breached containment on 7/10/14, which killed 100 personell and wounded 70 Mobile Task Force. SCP-3333 can easily break containment, in which way SCP-3333 is capable of killing Dr. Sutman, Dr. Sutman notes that he is "too dangerous" to touch, or do anything with it, SCP-3333 shall not make contact with Dr. Sutman in anyway, However, SCP-3333 can only wander around the halls of Site [REDACTED].