The word of trickery used on us Class Ds.
The MTF and site director throw it around like some sort of loophole to fool us into believing that Site 19- let alone the whole damn foundation- is a happy, inviting place. Thats what they want you to believe. They say we work best under a glad mindset, and they're right, but it doesn't work that well after your first task. Thats when you start realizing things- you notice that every day you have a chance of death, increasing with each task you preform. You notice that every single MTF unit has it out for you, disappointed after every day they didn't get to put a bullet in your head. You notice that
you are in the damn facility where there are homicidal statues locked up in rooms. Luckily though- they didn't get to me. Ive been on death row before, and i remember each time they put me in an orange suit and shoved me in a cell with nothing but a toilet and a shelf to sleep on. I remember each time i entered the Old Man's box and almost rotting to nothingness. I remember accidentally viewing the shy guy's ugly ass mouth and almost being ripped to shreds. I remember blinking.
Thats the latest thing i can remember… Blinking…. Im alive but the rest are dead. Everything dark. The alarm is blaring, and i can't find the concrete bitch anywhere.
Thats when i realized i was in deep sh*t.
"Warning. Site 19 is experiencing multiple Keter and Euclid level containment breaches. Full site lockdown initiated. It is advised that all personnel enter the nearest safe area such as the Medical Bay. If you are in close proximity to Gate A or Gate B, MTF units will arrive at your location shortly to escort you out of the facility.