Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4647 must be contained in a 5m x 5m x 2m locked cell at all times. The walls consist of 5.5 centimeter-thick reinforced steel with surveillance cameras on all four corners. No one is enter the containment cell at any time without a hazmat suit or permission from staff. SCP-4647's loose fur is to be cleaned out of the cell and disposed of as soon as possible on a biweekly basis.

Description: SCP-4647 is a large, long-haired Maine Coon male of an unknown size. SCP-4647 was recovered from a shelter in ██████, Oregon, in 20██. SCP-4647's fur consists of a unique neurotoxin that will infect the subject after contact.

Roughly thirty (30) minutes after exposure the subject (now referred to as SCP-4647-1) will begin to have minor rashes and a slight fever.