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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Threat Level: Yellow Black

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immobile nature of SCP-XXXX, a containment chamber has been built around it at its location in Menocela Park. All of the civilians around this area should be informed that the area around the park was bought by F.N.L.K Labs for building a nuclear research lab, and instructed not to enter the park area to avoid directly witnessing SCP-XXXX. The containment chamber is to be guarded by four security personnel, if any intruders are noticed near the building they are instructed to leave, preferably without any force by the guards.

Every 15 hours an agent in a Level A protection hazmat suit is required to enter the containment chamber, and deposit a flash-drive with at least 600 MB of data on it into the SCP-XXXX, to prevent its shrinkage in size.

If for more than 15 hours no information carriers were placed inside of SCP-XXXX, due to Hawking radiation, SCP-XXXX will start to lose its weight while releasing immense amounts of radiation in every direction up to 2001 meters from the sphere, therefore causing massive mutations in every living entity.

The next paragraph describes procedure FN-XXXX-2417
If such event would take place, all personnel on site are instructed to immediately evacuate to prevent any radiation damage. After that five agents with high-level radiation protective suits are instructed to deposit 10 kg of handwritten literature an agent is instructed to deposit a full 10GB drive into SCP-XXXX thereby stopping its shrinkage and stopping the radiation flow.

If these methods fail, or more than 3 hours pass after the start of the shrinkage without it stopping, all computer and TV screens in a 200 km radius should display a warning and steps on how to evacuate immediately.

Note: after incident V-XXXX-856 it is forbidden for any living entity to step closer than 0,2 meters from SCP-XXXX without an O5 authorization.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a perfectly spherical phenomenon named Informational Kugelblitz2, 4 meters in diameter, floating about 1 meter off the ground.

Any information carriers (flash drives, physical documentation, mobile phones, etc.) that are placed near the SCP-XXXX are sucked into the Event horizon, after which they disappear out of sight, then after some amount of time, they appear near SCP-XXXX with 100% of original data removed from the object itself.

Due to the strong3 passive radiation that SCP-XXXX emits, every electrical mechanism 5 meters away from SCP-XXXX is deactivated.

It is theorized that SCP-XXXX only detects and consumes "active" electrons. That, in the case of technological devices, means that all of the battery charge and the information on them will be destroyed.

It is still unknown how SCP-XXXX detects non-electrical information carriers.

Originally, SCP-XXXX was found in the Menocela forest near an abandoned lab, which later was re-worked into the containment chamber for SCP-XXXX. It was found due to reports from nearby clinics all reporting patients with high-level radiation sickness.

Near SCP-XXXX's original location were found ██ pages of documents and blueprints containing information regarding an attempt to create a Quantum Information Storage Unit (Q.I.S.U) and a flash drive containing several audio and video files on the creation of Q.I.S.U.

After the incident, 4 experiments were proposed, 2 of which were declined:
Author Proposition (Shortened) State Reason
Dr. Werman Leave SCP-XXXX without new information for 24 hours. DECLINED It is too dangerous to leave SCP-XXXX without repeating procedure FN-XXXX-2417 for more than 15 hours.
Dr. Niev Send a human with a wireless audio transmitting device through SCP-XXXX to record what is happening to the objects thrown into it. ACCEPTED The experiment will be conducted on 12/██/2███.
Dr. Heron Attempt to rebuild the original Q.I.S.U. by using the recovered blueprints. DECLINED We cannot risk creating another SCP-XXXX.
Dr. Grim Test SCP-XXXX's reaction to contact with various objects. ACCEPTED The experiment will be conducted on 23/██/2███.

Addendum I: Incident V-XXXX-NEJS

During a routine operation of FN-XXXX-2417, operation Agent N███ got within 0,2 meters to the SCP-XXXX and disappeared, leaving his hazmat suit behind. When security noticed Agent N███'s disappearance, all exits from the containment chamber were blocked off from the inside leaving four guards to investigate the chamber.

After ██ minutes Agent N███ appeared █, █ meters away from the SCP-XXXX in a near catatonic state. After he was removed from the chamber, the Agent regained consciousness and started panicly attacking everyone around him while shouting nonsensical phrases in an unknown language, after █ minutes, the Agent's body started showing signs of biological corrosion and [REDACTED] while still attacking the personnel around him.
██ minutes after that, Agent N███'s body became too damaged to continue his assault, soon after he collapsed on the floor, showing no signs of life. An autopsy revealed that Agent N███'s organs have lost ██, █% of their original mass, and that his muscles contained C2N14, H2FSbF6, and [REDACTED].
Note from Dr. Niev: SCP-XXXX's reaction to organical tissue seems… "interesting". We might need to do some tests regarding that.

Addendum II: Experiments 1-██

Name: Dr. Grim
Date: 23/██/20██
Input: One 1 kg Steel cube, and one copy of "To Kill a Mockingbird".
Result: After 5 minutes, the Steel cube appeared 1,2 meters from SCP-XXXX. The book was entirely missing.
Note from Dr. Grim: It appears that SCP-XXXX only corrodes items that contain information if they are present.

Name: Dr. Grim
Date: 12/██/20██
Input: One (1) Nokia 130, without any information on it.
Result: After 30 seconds, the disassembled phone appeared 0,45 meters from SCP-XXXX. After reconstruction, the phone did not load.
Note from Dr. Grim: Before starting the experiment, I fully charged the phone's battery, but it was fully drained afterward, with the metal ports missing.

Name: Dr. Grim
Date: 13/██/20██
Input: One (1) Nokia 130, containing a 5 megabyte audio file.
Result: After 1 minute and 23 seconds, the disassembled phone appeared 0,3 meters from SCP-XXXX, after recharging the phone, the memory card did not register in the phone.
Note from Dr. Grim: For some reason, I think I saw smoke coming out of the memory card when it first appeared, we might need to investigate that later.

Name: Dr. Grim
Date: 14/██/20██
Input: One (1) Kingston SSDNow UV400 filled with a 120GB video file.
Result: After 15 days and 1,8 hours, the SSD drive appeared melting 2 meters from SCP-XXXX.
Note from Dr. Grim: After doing some calculations, it seems that SCP-XXXX takes 10,6 seconds to process 1 megabyte of information. It also seems, that the longer it takes to process the object, the bigger the temperature of the output is.

Name: Dr. Grim
Date: 02/██/20██
Input: One 1 kg alloy of iron and copper, with the iron being 97% electrolyzed.
Result: After 30 minutes, a red, glowing, copper, sponge-like structure appeared 3 meters from SCP-XXXX. 99,67% of iron and 2,71% of copper, were missing from the structure.
Note from Dr. Grim: We might have some use out of this thing.

Name: Dr. Grim
Date: 04/██/20██
Input: One personnel.
Result: After 10 minutes, D-28356 appeared 6 meters away from SCP-XXXX, stuck in a concrete wall, while still being conscious.
Note from Dr. Grim: [REDACTED]. I don't think we should do any more tests on human subjects.

Name: Dr. Grim
Date: ██/██/████
Input: ████████
Result: After ██ minutes, ████████ appeared ████ meters away from SCP-XXXX, ██████ while ██████ inside the office building.
Note from Dr. Grim: Does anyone even remember where that thing went, or even what it was?

Addendum III: