SCP Draft

This a rough draft for an as of yet unnamed SCP-XXXX. This is my first ever SCP, and I'd love feedback. I'm not positive if I'm good with the research and incident log, and I'm definitely not the best at expunging and redacting things. If your suggestions could contain aspects of the logs and things I can improve on with the redactions, it would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained inside a chamber of cobalt and reinforced steel silver-indium-cadmium walls, with dimensions no smaller than 10 in width, 10 m in length, and 12 m in height. This chamber is to be equipped with no less than seven (7) rows of electromagnets of level 3 strength per side in case of initiation of Protocol Epsilon-142, Operation Lambda or Operation Rho. SCP-XXXX is to be placed within a spherical-shaped series of anchored electromagnets of level 2 strength, which are to be checked every five (5) hours for signs of corrosion. If an electromagnet is found damaged, personnel are to execute Protocol Epsilon-142, Operation Rho. No small objects are to be entered within a 7 meter radius of SCP-XXXX, except for testing purposes.

Testing with humans requires clearance from at least three Level 4 personnel and written consent from Site Command. Any personnel entering the containment chamber are to have any loose clothing, objects, or hair restrained, and be attached to an anchored tether, each of which is to be repaired or replaced as necessary.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an octahedral object composed of what seems like [REDACTED] and arranged into two halves of pyramid configuration. One half is observed with smooth surfaces, and the other having a very rough “surface.” The rough half has been observed to reveal at points what looks like a [DATA REDACTED] in the interior of the object. The “surface” of SCP-XXXX has been observed to be solid at certain periods of time and liquid at others, sporadically switching between states over the course of a day (It has been noted that, despite having been a liquid at points, SCP-XXXX has retained its exact shape).

SCP-XXXX corrodes and destroys matter on contact, in a similar fashion of that associated with SCP-106. Within fifteen (15) to thirty (30) minutes after contact, items begin to change to a dark gray color, before any observed matter is [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in that object’s inexistence altogether. Object is assumed to have the same effect with some forms of energy, as it was noted that sound does not emanate from the object. (As of █/██/████, it was observed that energy did not, in fact, cease to exist on contact, rather that [REDACTED] occurred. Therefore, any testing with SCP-XXXX involving ██████, ██████, and ██████ must have prior approval from Site Command. [See Research Log XXXX-01 and Incident Log █/██/████-01.])

SCP-XXXX produces a magnetic field that is approximately six (6) meters in radius. This does not interfere with any other electromagnetic fields within the radius of said magnetic field, however, making the usage of electromagnets optimal for containment. All electronic devices entered into the field vary in result. Some are unaffected and others become unusable because of hardware failure. This magnetic field has a direct gravitational or anti-gravitational effect on nearby objects. At random intervals, the field may reverse its effect, effectively providing a major problem with testing. The repulsion or gravitation effect of the field can be resisted. This field changes the velocity of objects inside directly proportional to its mass. It is still uncertain of the source of its magnetic field or energy capacity.

Research Log XXXX-01

Subject: Researcher ██████████ performed an experiment with Junior/Assistant Researcher ████████ on █/██/████ involving SCP-XXXX. Electrical energy was used to provide a response from SCP-XXXX.

Procedure: Containment chamber was equipped with monitoring systems and an arcing rod was placed within the area within the containment electromagnets so that it did not make contact with SCP-XXXX.

Results: After Researcher ██████████ activated the arcing rod, a level 2 containment breach occurred in multiple areas of the Unit in Site-██ that contained SCP-XXXX (See Incident Log █/██/████-01 for details).

Analysis: Adding an as of yet undetermined amount of energy to SCP-XXXX will cause it to become volatile, but energies of any type interact with SCP-XXXX in the same way that they would with regular matter. Further testing must be performed to further specify and identify means of why these events occur.

Incident Log █/██/████-01

During research of SCP-XXXX, unforeseen consequences resulted in the destruction of the containment chamber for SCP-XXXX and a containment breach occurred. Researcher ██████████ activated the arcing rod used for testing. Electrical energy appeared to be absorbed by SCP-XXXX. After approximately 20 seconds, small arcs began flying from SCP-XXXX to nearby electromagnets, causing intense heat to be created, partially melting the electromagnets. After another 5 seconds, undetermined object within the room exploded, destroying the electromagnets surrounding SCP-XXXX and damaging the chamber walls as so the electromagnets inside the walls had become defunct. SCP-XXXX started destroying the floor of its containment cell after landing. Emergency response teams arrive as the alarm for a containment breach was activated. Portable Electromagnetic Transporting Devices (PETDs) used for reclaiming SCP-XXXX, which had destroyed a hole approximately 0.24 meters below the floor. Decay had stopped immediately upon removal of SCP-XXXX from the floor.
New containment cell constructed for SCP-XXXX in Site-██, and SCP-XXXX is contained inside as of ██/██/2009. Report of containment breach written and submitted to Site Command, and O5 order was issued for written approval from Site Command and consent of three (3) members of the O5 Council for clearance to perform a similar experiment. The initial explosion killed Junior Researcher ████████ and wounded another member of the observing team and resulted in a power failure for the Unit of Site-██ in which SCP-XXXX was contained. Full reparations were made after one and a half weeks.

Addendum XXXX-1: Senior Researcher █████████████ requested an upgrade of object class to Keter. Request denied by O5-█.