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Item #: SCP-2338

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-2338 are to be contained on Site 77 in a 1km x 1km sealed enclosure, designed to mimic SCP-2338's native habitat. Walls of the enclosure are to be 1m 0.45m thick, composed of reinforced concrete diamond and checked daily for damage. (See Addendum A-01). If the walls of the enclosure are damaged to the point where the thickness at any point becomes less than 0.16m, the wall will be replaced following Enclosure Modification Protocol. (See Enclosure Modification Protocol). Cameras are to be installed in trees and rocks throughout the enclosure to monitor the behavior of SCP-2338. SCP-2338 will be provided with a variety of fruits and insects to eat. Once a month food supplies will be assessed and restocked as needed by D-class personnel. (See Enclosure Restock Protocol)


An up close picture of an instance of SCP-2338, taken by a tree cam

Description: SCP-2338 are members of Sylvia atricapilla, more commonly known as the Eurasian blackcap or Songbird. The physical appearance of SCP-2338 is consistent with that of a normal Eurasian blackcap; a white underbelly, black tipped feathers on the wings, black coloring at the tip of the head in males, and brown coloring at the tip of the head in females. The only differences to its non-anomalous counterparts being, the lack of any internal skeletal or muscular structures, and the existence of a thin exoskeleton composed of graphene approximately 1mm thick underneath the feathers of SCP-2338 (See Autopsy Report). Although tests are still underway as to ascertain exactly how SCP-2338 forms its exoskeleton, the exact reason is still unknown. It is speculated that the lightness and durability of SCP-2338 -due to its skeletal structure and lack of any muscle mass- allows it to reach speeds well surpassing the speed of sound, although the exact reason is still unknown. The strength of SCP-2338's skeletal structure combined with the speed at which the avian can travel allows it to pierce most solid structures with relative ease. Instances of SCP-2338 seem to repeatedly impact walls because of the lack of any pain when impacting solid objects. It simply has not been conditioned by pain to stay away from solid objects. (See Experimentation Log) SCP-2338 currently has an observed top speed of ████m/s.

Acquisition: The first instance of SCP-2338, (hereafter called SCP-2338-00), was first discovered in the small town [REDACTED] on 4/12/20██ at 9:42 a.m. by a poacher. The Foundation was alerted to the existence of SCP-2338-00 due to stories of a bulletproof avian. The foundation then took the poacher into custody where he was interviewed and afterwards given a class-C amnesiac (See Interview A-01). There are currently ███ known instances of SCP-2338 residing at Site-77.

Autopsy Report: In accordance with Dr. Ripley's request █ instances of SCP-2338 were heavily sedated, restrained and transported to Lab-49 for autopsies. Autopsies showed SCP-2338 possesses a skeletal structure 1mm thick composed of the carbon allotrope graphene. This exoskeleton proved to be impenetrable when using standard stainless steel tools and was only successfully pierced when using diamond tipped tools. Once opened it was discovered that SCP-2338 lacked any form of muscular structure. Instead large amounts of protective tissue were found filling the space surrounding the internal organs and nervous system. Analyzing the tissue showed it to contain small amounts of what appeared to be shock absorbing gel, gel that is assumed to absorb the shock caused by impacting solid objects at such high speeds.

Interview A-01

Interviewed: Poacher

Interviewer: Dr. Ripley

Foreword: [Redacted], here on out referred to simply as poacher, was taken into foundation custody on retrieval of SCP-2338. Poacher was heavily sedated and transported by helicopter to Site-██ to be interview. Poacher was put into a small room, barren besides a metal table with one metal chair, illuminated by a sole spotlight directly above him. Foundation personnel interogated Poacher by means of using the speaker system in the room and using a two way mirror in the wall of the cell. The interview is as follows.

<Begin Log, [4/12/20██ 11:54 a.m.]>

Dr. Ripley: [Redacted], may I call you Poacher for your saftey?

Poacher: Yah I's dun see whys not.

Dr. Ripley: Okay, is it correct that you were the person that first witnessed the invulnerability of SCP-2338?

Poacher: Was SCP-2338? I ne'er heard o such a thing.

Dr. Ripley: The Eurasian Blackcap.

Poacher: Oh, yah tem little buggers don die. Evn wen I use ma gun.

Dr. Ripley: I see, Do you happen to remember the type of fire arm and ammunition used on SCP-2338?

Poacher: Yah, I used me Remington Model 58 16-Gauge, its been in me family fur generations, wit size 4 steel bird shot rounds.

Dr. Ripley: Okay, Who all, have you told your story of this invulnerable avian?

Poacher: Jus me family and me friends.

Dr. Ripley: Thank you for your compliance you will now be escorted to the adjacent room where we will clear you to go home. Please comply with Foundation personnel.
<End Log>

Closing Statement: Immediately following th conclusion of the interview, Poacher was escorted into the adjacent room where he was administered a class-C amnestic and heavily sedated before being transported back to [REDACTED] by helicopter.

Addendum A-01: 7/05/20██ at 7:05 a.m. An instance of SCP-2338 breached the containment wall by means of propelling its body at supersonic speeds into the wall of its enclosure. The instance penetrated through all 1m of the reinforced concrete wall. Upon breach ██ instances of SCP-2338 flew rampant as they sped down the halls of Site-77. SCP-2338 was recaptured by herding it into a room where upon entry the lights were dimmed to 100 lumens. Immediately the instances calmed down and within minutes fell asleep. The instances were then captured and taken to a lab where they were heavily sedated while new containment walls 0.45m thick and composed of diamond were constructed. █ personnel were injured during the breach.

Addendum A-02: 2/01/20██ at 6:18 p.m. A D-class personnel, (hereafter referred to as Subject) was killed during restocking of SCP-2338's food supply. Casualty resulted from an instance of SCP-2338 impacting the Subject's abdomen at supersonic speeds. Subjects body was ripped apart by the impact and bits of bone and flesh were scattered in the immediate area. Requesting that all personnel entering the enclosure wear graphene armor as it is so far been the only known flexible material impenetrable by SCP-2338.