Alison Burnet SCP-3147


Item #: SCP-3147
Object Class: Euclid

Containment Procedures: SCP-3147 is to be contained in Site 54. SCP-3147 is to be contained at all times in her cell, which measures as 10 by 12 meters so as to give 3147 plenty of room to explore and learn. The walls are made of osmium infused with uranium so as to prevent any mishaps concerning her abilities. The room is furnished with a twin sized bed, a dresser containing clothes for SCP-3147, a small table, two chairs, and two cabinets containing any possible form of non-dangerous intellectual activity. Interaction with SCP-3147 is limited to observations through the two way mirror installed in her room. If anyone should have a need or basic desire to be in the room with her they are to be provided with the proper equipment and instructions. Until any other incidents take place, anyone going inside is to be supplied with a

Description: SCP-3147 is a 27 year old female of above average height. 3147 has blue eyes, black hair, fair complexion, and a slender figure. She is left-handed. SCP-3147 was originally brought in because it appeared that she was hyper-intelligent, able to comprehend and fully understand new ideas quickly and easily. This, however, was disproved on May 16, when Dr. S was on his usual rounds when he found Dr. Avery lying on the floor outside of SCP-3147’s room. Dr. S. first thought that Avery was unconscious, but discovered that he was fully awake and aware. Upon further investigation, it appeared that he had forgotten everything from personal memories to basic motor functions. It became apparent what happened after SCP-3147 frantically asked if Dr. Avery would be alright and what would happen to Dr. Avery and his family. SCP-3147 had never been made personally aware that Avery ever had a family or that he had been injured in any way. The following days proved frustrating as for a while she only walked, talked, and even thought like him. It wore off after that week. After that incident, she was moved to a more secure cell. Providing her with new bits of information every day has proved to temporarily stop the need for new information. After a recent experiment with two personnel it has become evident that the more she knows about someone the easier it is to take information from them. We’ve attempted to find a way to utilize it, however, SCP-3147 is entirely unwilling to cooperate in any event that requires use of her abilities. It is currently unknown how much she actually knows. Or if her information intake has a limit.