Allan Crain

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-XXXX can be easily synthesized, no samples are to be retained for testing. SCP-XXXX can be neutralized by mixing with equal parts sodium chromate (Na2CrO4).

Foundation containment teams should be activated in the event that a statistically unlikely concentration of civilians named Trevor is detected in an area. Agents are to be embedded in any commercial laboratories actively working on sweetener technology to ensure they do not produce any samples of SCP-XXXX.

To avoid potential side effects in the event of a containment breach, researchers studying SCP-XXXX should already be named Trevor or be willing to undergo a legal name change before beginning work.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a pale blue fluid with viscosity similar to water and a density of 1100kg/m3 at standard temperature and pressure. It has no discernible scent and a distinctly sweet flavor. It has the chemical composition [DATA REDACTED].

When a named, living organism is exposed to SCP-XXXX, a CK-class reality-restructuring event will be triggered in which the organism's name is changed to "Trevor"1. This restructuring effects both memories and all written records, but will not affect deeper structural probability; as such, its effects can be detected by inference. E.g., it is vanishingly improbable that all test subjects used to experimentally determine the effects of SCP-XXXX would have been named Trevor to begin with, from which you can infer that the subjects became named Trevor as a result of SCP-XXXX exposure.

The effects of SCP-XXXX only apply to named, living organisms. Nicknames will also be affected if they are based on the organism's first name (e.g., "Mike" would become "Trev"). Designations other than names (e.g., serial numbers, Social Security numbers, code names, etc) appear to be unaffected. Deceased organisms and named inorganic items (e.g., dolls) are not affected.

Organisms affected by SCP-XXXX can have their names changed again through non-anomalous means such as legal name changes, re-training for animals, or brainwashing. That being said, affected organisms will feel the same attachment to the name Trevor as they presumably felt to their original name, and the nature of the reality restructuring event means that there is no practical way to determine what their original name was before exposure.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was first isolated in the drinking water supply at the Abbey of St. Palaemon in Lewiston, NY. Foundation statistical software installed in computers at the United States Census Bureau detected that all monks in residence at the abbey were named Trevor and flagged it as as a statistical improbability. Mobile Task Force Omicon-23 ("Census Takers") was dispatched to investigate.

MTF-O-23's commanding officer (Agent Trevor Steele) determined that one member of the order2 had a background in organic chemistry and had been working on developing a new artificial sweetener in his spare time. Unfortunately, it is believed that both Agent Steele and MTF-O-23's second in command, Agent Trevor Lashley, were affected before containment could be achieved.

Partial experimental log:
Testing performed by Dr. Trevor Blankenship.

Test #: 1

Subject: D-80159, Trevor M██████

Test: Given 1cc dose of SCP-XXXX

Notes: All foundation and prison records list subject's name as Trevor. When asked his name, subject claims to be named Trevor M██████. Pre-experiment interview log corroborates the first name of subject as being Trevor.

Test #: 2

Subject: D-80306, Trevor J█████

Test: Given 1cc dose of SCP-XXXX

Notes: Same result as Test #1. Given that test #1 and #2 were basically identical, it's reasonable to assume that this test was to determine SCP-XXXX's effects on organisms already named Trevor.

Test #: 4

Subject: Adult male golden retriever trained to respond to its name

Test: Given .3cc dose of SCP-XXXX, re-trained to respond to a new name4 instead of Trevor.

Notes: Subject successfully renamed

Test #: 8

Subject: Nephrolepis exaltata (Boston Fern) plant, given a name by Dr. Blankenship

Test: SCP-XXXX added to water in planter

Notes: Dr. Blankenship reports remembering naming the subject Trevor. Since the basic effect had already been well established, the most likely conclusion is that this was a positive test to determine whether or not SCP-XXXX affects plants as well.

Test #: 17

Subject: D-80605, Trevor J███████

Test: Subject was allowed to legally change name, then given 1cc dose of SCP-XXXX

Notes: Subject was chosen based on self-reported desire to undergo legal name change. Court proceedings indicate the subject's name was legally changed to from Sage J█████5 to Trevor J█████. Subject indicated happiness with the results of the name change, saying that she always felt her old name did not suit her.

Test #: 48

Subject: D-80915, Trevor U████████

Test: Short poem written about subject; subject then given 1cc dose of SCP-XXXX

Notes: Poem is as follows:
There once was a D-class named Trevor
Who thought himself frightfully clever
He labeled [REDACTED]6
As "Breech-repair stick:
In emergency, swiftly pull lever"7