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Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently being monitored by Research Unit-7 and is to be monitored at all times. Should SCP-XXXX’s trajectory or the system of a star consumed by SCP-XXXX at any point intersect with that of the solar system, planetary evacuation procedures using extradimensional SCPs are to be immediately put in place. Any records of independent discovery of SCP-XXXX are to be destroyed and any civilian who has seen it or any data relating to it is to be given Class-B amnesiacs. During feedings, all telescopes capable of witnessing the feeding are to be seized by the Foundation. When the feeding has finished, the telescopes are to be returned and those owning them are to be given Class-A amnesiacs.

Description:SCP-XXXX is a cylindrical anomaly in space ██ light-years away, currently traveling at approximately 0.98 c towards the ██████ system. It is estimated to have a mass of 2.3 × 1028kilograms, a length of 99,500 kilometers, and a diameter of 23,300 kilometers. The origin of SCP-XXXX is not known at this time. Spectroscopic analysis indicates that SCP-XXXX has a chemical composition of C3N15He4. Due to this composition defying the laws of chemical bonding, it is believed that SCP-XXXX is of artificial or extradimensional origin.

SCP-XXXX has been continuously observed since 19██. Since observation began, SCP-XXXX has been noted to feed 7 times. The process is the same each time and consists of the following stages:

Stage 1: The object enters a system and decelerates, orbiting the chosen star for several months and gradually decreasing in distance. This does not appear to be a true orbit, however, as the object completes a revolution at a much greater rate than anticipated for its height. During this stage, all matter orbiting the chosen star either collides with SCP-XXXX or leaves its orbit completely and is ejected into interstellar space.

Stage 2: This stage begins when no matter besides SCP-XXXX remains orbiting the chosen star. SCP-XXXX will open an orifice in the end closest to the star and begin to ingest the star’s corona by an unknown mechanism that results in suction. Due to the fact that most stars are substantially larger than SCP-XXXX, this and subsequent stages may take up to one year each.

Stage 3: After consuming the corona, SCP-XXXX will approach the remainder of the star. It will then extend metallic triangles resembling teeth from its orifice and repeatedly insert them into the body of the star in order to remove large pieces of the star from the rest. Upon removal, SCP-XXXX will ingest these pieces in a similar manner to that of Stage 2. This will repeat until the star ceases to perform nuclear fusion, referred to hereafter as the death of the star.

Stage 4: Upon the death of the star, this stage will occur. The teeth will retract, and the orifice will enlarge to cover the entire flat surface of the cylinder. SCP-XXXX will then swell to a size large enough to ingest the remainder of the star and do so. The orifice will close, although SCP-XXXX will remain swollen. At no point has SCP-XXXX been observed to expel waste.

Stage 5: SCP-XXXX will select another star and begin to accelerate. It currently appears that SCP-XXXX can go for up to 15 years between feedings, though this varies greatly depending on the stellar type ingested. For information on targeted stars, see Log XXXX-02.