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Item #: SCP-2176

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2176 is located in site-██ and to be kept in it's cell, a 6 meter by 6 meter by 4 meter steel prism, the temperature of the cell is to be at a constant 80-85 degrees Celsius any less will result in a very negative reaction from SCP-2176 such as emitting white noise capable of killing brain cells at an alarming rate, this cell is to be checked for any cracks weekly and the cell is to be cleaned daily, if any dirt or water is found outside of SCP-2176 it is to be dissolved/evaporated and disposed of. SCP-2176 is to be constantly monitored for any signs of growth or spreading around the cell's floor, SCP-2176 creates it's own nutrition by transforming oxygen and carbon dioxide into nutrients, no feeding is required.

Description: SCP-2176 is a large uniquely shaped creature, SCP-2176 has 4 legs, the front set of legs are both 6'6'' in length each, the back set of legs are both 5'10'' in length each, SCP-2176 wears a white porcelain mask on it's face resembling an expressionless human face, there are holes carved out for eyes, SCP-2176 has short tree branches protruding from it's back, total height if on hind legs standing straight is 16'8''.
Whether or not it SCP-2176 intelligent is unknown.
SCP-2176's discovery was by an elderly couple, in ███████, ██████, during a visit to an abandoned city, audio log was lost during a containment breach,
the following transcript was taken from the interview;

Dr. █████: And then?

Debelle ████ : We saw it, it… *4 seconds of silence* it was face was the face of a little girl, on that, thing…

Dr. █████: But earlier you said it had a mask on.

Debelle ████ : It DID, i just…

*Debelle then sits with his head in her hands sobbing and refusing to speak*

Tissue samples of SCP-2176 reveal SCP-2176 is comprised of decomposing vines, leaves, tree bark, festering fruit, dirt, and small amount of severed animal tails and animal fur. The following picture was taken by Dmitri.


Class D personnel that received the samples later died of Hydrogen Sulphide poisoning, after further testing SCP-2176 was observed to release chlorine and concentrated hydrogen sulphide while in the presence of humans, the reason for this remains unknown.
It has been shown that SCP-2176 can not feel pain, or at least does not react to pain.
SCP-2176 kills by using thorn covered vines that protrude from it's upper abdomen grabbing the victim by it's limbs and pulling with great force until victim's limbs are dislocated, it will then pull the victim onto it's back and cover the victim with vines until unseen, the victim will then be what seems to be absorbed into SCP-2176 for a maximum amount of 72 hours, once absorbed, it will replace the porcelain mask with the victim's face, the face will begin to turn into porcelain and thicken.
Further testing revealed SCP-2176 has the ability to temporarily swap the porcelain mask with the face of any of it's victims, doing this also changes the sound emitted from SCP-2176, currently SCP-2176 has been recorded to have ███ different faces, which means ███ victims.