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Item #: SCP-Mlerm

Object Class: Euclid

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The following individuals have been identified as cronies associates to Dr. Halo and frequently appear on-site wherever an SCP handled by her is located.


Item: SCP-3962

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3962-A is housed at the Dr. Octagon Memorial Wing of Foundation Hospital, Room ████. Due to aberrant cessation of bodily functions, no visitation or attendance by nursing staff is allowed except during scheduled daily inspections conducted by Foundation medical personnel. Schedule is posted in Room ████ and is restricted to on-site personnel or attending managerial staff.

SCP-3962-B is kept on-site in Cabinet 7179B in the Site Director's office, along with the 51 Betamax recordings produced by SCP-3962-A. Use of SCP-3962-B is to be monitored by Site Director or a designated subordinate at all times.

Description: SCP-3962-A is a Caucasian female named Samantha Pelar, b. May 20th, 1979 who has been in a permanent vegetative state since May 2006 when she was discovered in the bedroom of the [REDACTED] family home, following a missing person's report from [REDACTED] Inc, an assisted living facility where Ms. Pelar had been staying since 1988. Ms. Pelar was believed to be suffering from schizophrenia or autism spectrum disorder, while displaying symptoms of selective mutism5 beginning at the age of 6. Pelar was not known to be suffering from any injury or illness, and much of her bodily functions, including gastrointestinal and respiratory systems, were found to have abruptly ceased. Despite this, Pelar remains in stable condition.

SCP-3962-B is a head mounted display device that allows the user to record brain waves and generate visual renderings of thoughts and dreams which are recorded on Betamax cassettes inserted into the top of the device. Thus far, subject Samantha Pelar is the only user of the device who has managed to generate coherent and high quality videos with audio. The device is made of conventional plastic and metal, and appears to contain no actual functioning components inside, largely consisting of loose copper wiring and bits of metal and silica glued into place. Despite this, the device does not function if any of the internal components are re-arranged or removed.

Ms. Pelar, between the years 1997 - 1998, 2000-2001, and 2004-2005, made use of at least three iterations of SCP-3962-B for the purpose of anomalously recording a wide range of thoughts, dreams, ideas, and information. These recordings largely take the form of high quality video recordings featuring Ms. Pelar, going by the name "Harley Rosa", actively conversing with others and engaged in a broad variety of activities, including visually augmented lectures, direct recordings or recreations of dreams, pornographic fantasies, and assorted information including highly sensitive corporate information and a series of "predictions" with an anomalous degree of accuracy. These recordings are made on a set of 51 Betamax cassettes, compatible with SCP-3962-B.

Subject History: SCP-3962-A, Samantha Pelar, displayed no unusual behavior until the age of six. According to teachers' notes beginning June 1985, Ms. Pelar inexplicably stopped talking. "She looks at other children when they speak to her, and she shows clear understanding when told to do something but she just won't talk. One of the other children, [REDACTED] began slapping her and I had to separate the two. Sammie went right back to [what she was doing], not saying a word." - [REDACTED], First grade teacher [REDACTED] School.

Subject was hospitalized several months later, where she was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum6 and enrolled in a school specializing in the support of special needs children. At some point between 1987 and 1988, Pelar's parents appear to have abandoned her, as she was discovered to have been living on her own for several months in 1988 when she was placed in foster care before being enrolled in [REDACTED] Inc. upon turning eighteen. Pelar was in possession of SCP-3962-B at this time but was not witnessed using the device until 1997.

During her time in assisted living, Pelar became increasingly detached from her surroundings, often ignoring or failing to acknowledge the presence of others, refusing to take part in social activities or exercises, and spending countless hours apparently writing a novel in several composition notebooks or engaged with SCP-3962-B7.

Pelar continued this routine until her apparent disappearance on May 14th, 2006, where she exited the assisted living facility with SCP-3962-B and proceeded on foot to her final destination8. SCP-3962-B was nowhere to be found (The Foundation recovered one of the surviving iterations from the assisted living facility). No physical cause could be found for Pelar's status. Pelar came into Foundation custody when police review of SCP-3962-B's tapes began producing increasingly anomalous content, including conversations with individuals who have previously had no contact with the subject, and one video clip taking place in [REDACTED], a highly restricted area rendered inaccessible due to environmental damage.

Contents: The video contents from SCP-3962-B amount to a total of 97 hours of footage, logged in 51 Betamax cassettes and filed as 3962-1 through -51, none of which is believed to have taken place in reality. Throughout the footage, Pelar appears highly charismatic and sociable, talking to herself when not talking to someone else, and very expressive with her hands and body language.

Several recordings contain detailed scientific information and historical minutiae, including detailed information on past and future events which Pelar would have been incapable of knowing. Staff at the assisted living facility said they did not provide Pelar with any reading material on the subjects described in the videos, and she displayed no interest in any activity beyond writing in her notebook and using SCP-3962-B. Some of the video contents include:

- A short sequence in which Pelar, going by the name "Harley Rosa", introduces herself as a "rock star porn star war hero" having served in the 1990 Persian Gulf War, recorded several albums worth of music (few of which, she concedes, were well received), and starred in 16,045 pornographic films between the ages of 18 and 23.

- An "Introduction to Spanish" language lesson in which Pelar claims to be instructing the viewer on how to speak Spanish, but is in fact teaching in Italian.

- A thorough study on the origin of birds, heavily cited with actual scientific studies and notations, although 4 sources cited appear to be erroneous, and one is nonexistent. Of the bird species covered, the Dodo is depicted as extant, although threatened, and one other species appears to be a fictional version of the Budgerigar.

- A detailed account of a fictitious Battle of Aleppo occurring between the years 2012 - 2016 as part of a larger nonexistent civil war Note: Events as described in the video had a high degree of correspondence to the actual battle. Minor details involving names and numbers were found to be erroneous in the video. It is not believed there is any connection between Pelar and the outbreak of civil war in Syria.

- A detailed account of a fictitious battle between Chinese and Vietnamese forces unfolding between 2004-2005 with the involvement of several nonexistent nation-states. This battle apparently culminates in the detonation of an unknown weapon of mass destruction.

- A first-person perspective of a romantic date between Pelar and another woman, identified as Ali █████ which culminates in a kiss at the end of the night. █████ was located and interviewed by Foundation personnel and found to have no connection to Pelar. A local newscast circa 2001 was discovered, in which Ms. █████ was briefly interviewed concerning the nearby Florida Everglades. It is believed Pelar witnessed this news report and possibly fantasized about the woman.

- A thorough recounting of her alleged service in the Persian Gulf War. She produces various documents and medals and points to a number of scars on her body which are not present in most of the other videos. She details an event in graphic detail involving a Reconnaissance-in-force mission where coalition air forces unintentionally bomb her position, leaving her the only uninjured combatant facing an Iraqi counterstrike. She claims to have successfully repelled the attack until recovered by a "Wendish Hussar battalion". She bitterly remarks she was awarded a medal of honor in 2007 for this event purely as a publicity ploy by then president Bush to romanticize the war in Iraq. Pelar makes no distinction between the 1990 Persian Gulf War and the 2003 War in Iraq and appears to imply that they are the same war. She adds at the end that she is glad her friend "Rats" was killed immediately in the airstrike, allowing her to be viewed as a hero by her family, "rather than the creature she had become."

- A detailed rumination on the nature of dogs, ultimately concluding that they are "the purest beings" and jokingly suggesting if she were attacked by a dog, it would have been her own fault.

- A series of videos in the style of tourism videos, taking the viewer to such locations as Centralia, Pennsylvania, the Florida Everglades, [REDACTED], the Pentagon, and Pripyat, Ukraine. Pripyat is depicted as inhabited, and Pelar appears unaffected by the heat or toxic gases in Centralia, while leading the viewer underground to witness the coal fire.

- An extended dream sequence in which an earthquake strikes near Pelar's childhood school, causing a meltdown at a nearby nonexistent nuclear plant. Pelar and her family, accompanied by Ali █████, enter the bunker which is staffed with personnel providing basic services to survivors, including a brothel but not including bedding. At some point in the dream, Pelar overhears rumors of a government takeover and purging of the bunker, which proceeds to unfold in graphic detail. The governor of the state is inaccurately named as [REDACTED], currently employed by Univision and not a government employee. The dream is briefly interrupted by unidentified music and resumes with Pelar violently attacking the soldiers and searching for Ms. █████. The dream is interrupted again and resumes with Pelar in a wheelchair, being pursued by the remaining soldiers.

- A love song devoted to a Harold Kinney James. Harold Kinney James was an African-American teacher at the [REDACTED] School where he had Pelar for several classes. Mr. James could not readily recall Ms. Pelar, only remarking she was an above average student.

- A "self love" video with Pelar appearing naked and describing her body, pointing out her flaws, and remarking that she loves her body despite its flaws. As she describes her physical features, they begin to change shape, with Pelar's height and weight and shifting dramatically. At the end, she appears to predict that she will become comatose by her 40s and die within a year.

- A detailed description of a nonexistent drug as well as its toxicity in humans and "other humans".

- A lengthy series on a liquid drug referred to as "The stuff of life". The liquid appears thick and metallic like mercury, and is pumped into the bloodstream while blood is removed. Once complete, the individual is said to be "immortal, but not invincible", and no longer requiring sustenance or oxygen to survive. Pelar details precise steps to making the drug, including a number of real and fictitious ingredients, as well as where (and when) to acquire each of them. Using this information, Foundation personnel have discovered 2 new species of mushroom, one of which appears to have mild anomalous properties and is being investigated further on Site-696. Pelar begs the viewer to start producing the drug as soon as possible and in large quantities, while stressing that there is no imminent threat to humanity necessitating its immediate production.

- A "parting message" recorded at an early date and addressed to a number of individuals. Much of the message is focused upon listing these individuals and the various dates at which they allegedly met. The message itself is as follows:

I hadn't given much thought on what I was going to say here. I know most of you are going to see me again anyway, but as much as I care for you guys [she giggles] I don't care enough to make like thirty different messages for each of you. I should have enough for each of you. By now we've already gone through the crying and the hugging so I won't waste time with any more of that.
An interesting thing I learned a while back is that, we have like, maybe 10% of all the works of the ancient Greeks and Romans. As in, of everything they wrote, painted, sculpted, and documented, at best, 10% of it has survived to this day. People lived their lives, made things, dreamed big dreams, and for most of them, it's all gone. A novel a million pages long, never read by anyone.
I don't want that to become of us. Don't let the worlds in your heads die unwatched.