Andrew Allenbaugh
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Item #: SCP-T45X

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-T45X is to be locked in a 50 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm steel box, which is to be locked inside a standard containment room. There are to be two (2) guards mounted outside of SCP-T45X's room at all times. The room is to be monitored by two (2) cameras, one in the south-west corner, and one in the north-east.

SCP-T45X is not to be used outside of research purposes, and individuals deciding to remove SCP-T45X from its containment room must have authorisation from at least two (2) level 4 personnel.

SCP-T45X is removed by any individual without proper clearance level or authorization from its containment room, said individual is then to be either moved to D-class personnel or terminated.

Description: SCP-T45X is a video game console developed in 20██ by Nintendo of America/Japan, inc. The console in question is known as a Gameboy Advance. It is not known if SCP-T45X is sentient or not.

The console has no cartridge inside of it. However, when it's turned on by any sentient being, it starts playing a game without the cartridge. The game in question is the 2015 PC indie game known as Undertale, developed by [DATA EXPUNGED]. It plays the game not like a typical Gameboy Advance game. However, it plays the game in it's realistic PC quality, far surpassing the limits of the console at the time. Should the living entity continue to play the game in the near end of the ███████ playthrough, the console will terminate the entity with saw blades, which appear to be magical.

Addendum 1: It is not known what causes this, but a common theory going around researchers involved with SCP-T45X is because of how heart-breaking the near end of the ███████ playthrough is.

Addendum 2: A test using an artificial intelligence took place the 3rd of February, 20██. SCP-T45X did not react to the game being played through the near end of the ███████ playthrough, thus confirming that only sentient beings will trigger its effect.

SCP-T45X was first brought to the foundation by a kid named Andrew, hereby referred to as SCP-T45X-1, after posting about it on his deviantART page via a joke status update. SCP-T45X-1 claims that he has no idea how he obtained SCP-T45X, but reassures the foundation that he did not hesitate bringing it to the foundation after viewing the game being played without any cartridge put inside it.

An interview with SCP-T45X-1 was arranged in order to obtain more information on SCP-T45X's origins. This interview was lead by Dr. ██████.

Interviewed: SCP-T45X-1, otherwise known as Andrew.

Interviewer: Dr. ██████.

<Begin Log, Interview with SCP-T45X-1>
Dr. ██████: So you're implying you were… joking around on this website when you discovered the existence of SCP-T45X?
Andrew: Well, you see, I really liked the SCP foundation, and I was thinking of this one video game I played.
Dr. ██████: Andrew, I am not interested in video games, I am interested in the origins of SCP-T45X. Could you inform me of anything particularly off-seeming while you were discovering SCP-T45X?
[There is a pause for approximately 15 seconds.]
Andrew: You know, I don't really know, I honestly was so confused by how this thing came to be, that I really didn't think about it at the time.
Dr. ██████: Please, Andrew, we need your cooperation in order to achieve maximum base research of SCP-2125-J! If you would just focus harder, then we can-
Andrew: Well, I'm sorry, but I was too worried to know what was going on! The only thing I do remember is that I- Hang on…
Dr. ██████: Yes?
Andrew: Never mind, it was something about video games. I can tell you don't like them all that much. It's alright, honestly.
Dr. ██████: Well, Andrew… It looks like we are finished here. Care to add anything else before we go?
[There is a pause for 5 seconds.]
Andrew: Not really, no.
Dr. ██████: Right, I see.

<End log>

Closing Statement: Dr. ██████ informed Andrew that he was thankful for his time, and provided him the directions out of the faculty. While the Foundation did not get any vital information out of the previous interview, the foundation did learn that SCP-T45X-1 struggles with paying attention to larger matters, and should be removed from active duties.