So this is my sandbox, I guess? I only get one to play in? That's cool, I can dig that…

The following is an addendum chronicling a failing initiative to utilize SCP-1047 in containment protocols. Having now read the guide on Cross-Linking, I see I am treading near some unfavorable territory, but I still believe this is worth putting forward:

Addendum: Due to their powerful, predictable effects, Dr. C██████ proposes the use of SCP-1047 in several containment procedures, the strength of their effects vastly outweighing the lack of focus and motivation their activation requirements affect on posted guards. Preliminary trials have met with mixed results:

Fixing multiple instances of SCP-1047-1 in a regular arrangement and focusing them on a central point have proven capable of creating semi-stable gravitational containment fields (minor instabilities arising from minute air pressure variance). When arranged spherically, they have proven cheap and effective alternatives to high-powered ELO-IID electromagnetic suspension. Propositions toward replacing systems at site████ to contain SCP-106 have met resistance, while implementation on SCP-271, SCP-555, SCP-608, andSCP-1449 are pending further review. SCP-334 not suggested due to the magnet's secondary containment on the ionic entity.

It was theorized that SCP-076-2 could be contained if SCP-1047-5 were placed within his chamber. If he were to lose motivation before [DATA EXPUNGED] Unfortunately, attempts to alter the atmosphere within SCP-076-1 proved entirely impossible.

Attempts at using any SCP-1047 against SCP-682 proved fruitless as it simply inhaled all the air from the room.

I figured that by making them all failed or pending proposals I wouldn't have to interject on some of the more popular pages that might be considered more "sacred". Also, it shows the Foundation to be competent in recognizing the usefulness of certain SCPs and their prudent utilization.

I have no idea how membership works on this site. I don't know if I'm going by the right protocol, I just thought it'd be something nice to add to a page that has some potential. I'm reading all the guides and trying to not be such a FNG, but I can't figure out how to do what I want to do. I didn't want to make a new SCP I just wanted to play with an old one…