Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Should be locked up quite well. Thick walls could be quite useful. Keeping interaction to a minimum is probably one of the better ways to go with this one.

If the situation becomes sticky, moving a few steps back could be a good idea. Closing the door after performing that action would also be generally appreciated. It’s not one of the best plans to try and incinerate it, as it could cause a small fire.

Description: SCP-XXXX seems to invoke a slight case of perpetual understatement in most people it comes in contact with. That understatement could have some adverse effects on decision-making under unfavourable circumstances, as it could cast rather a gloom over the situation by making some of the present people rather unlively.

It bears some resemblance to a primitive totem or statue and is slightly blackened in colour. It was discovered in the rather scorched remnants of a British family’s house, quite unscathed. Upon arrival of the field agents, the family reportedly were quite keen to inform them that the statue “had caused a bit of trouble during its rather lengthy lifetime” and “probably was the cause of the somewhat warmer than usual circumstances”.

There is the slight possibility that SCP-XXXX could cause a rather dramatic end-of-the-world scenario under aggravating circumstances. It would probably be for the best to try to prevent such hassle.

Addendum [XXXX-01]: Date: 21 – October – 1997

There is a rather sticky situation due to a slight chill in the building of which SCP-XXXX is probably the cause. Investigation would be appreciated. Cessation of the chilly circumstances would likely elicit a similar response.

Addendum [XXXX-02]: Date: 19 – December – 1997

It is a bit breezy down here. We could probably do with closing the doors to SCP-XXXX, though attempts to do so have been somewhat hampered by SCP-XXXX’s insistence on creating a rather strong breeze. Once the doors have been closed it would perhaps be quite a good idea to clean up D-446’s remains from the walls.

Addendum [XXXX-03]: Date: 06 – February – 2014

As it turns out this log has not been updated for a while. It has been rather calm for the last few years, however, it looks like there might be some disturbance regarding SCP-XXXX’s activity. A bit more than just the doors have been blown off by a rather large explosion. Class D personnel have expressed slight dissatisfaction with being ordered to repair the somewhat damaged containment unit. Some additional help from the Foundation would likely be somewhat appreciated.

Addendum [XXXX-04]: Date: 13 – November – 2014

There may be a small problem.

Addendum [XXXX-05]: Date: 18 – November – 2014

We have found what seems to have been the solution to last Thursday’s problem. There were a few casualties amongst the Class D personnel. The situation was a little problematic, but we believe that we have somewhat decreased the likelihood of the continent of Europe being slightly damaged.