Based on and
Characters: Bart Hughes, Researcher David, Marion
1 -Bart introduces SCP-055
-Sends David for testing
-(this part is an audiolog)

2 -Researcher David goes into the chamber for testing
-touches on how he can't describe it
-takes notes (turn out to be nonsense)
-Leaves, proceeding to forget everything

3 -Bart interviews David
-Based off of SCP-055 interview log
-Bart attempts to find survey team, found in breakroom completely clueless of task at hand

4 -Week later, Bart is investigating 055 himself
-discover strange SCP destruction order made by The Administrator
-'Murdered' by unknown entity

5 -Year later, antimemetics division is established
-Marion is briefed by 05-8
-Mention creation of 'Mnestics'