The slug creature

[[ rating Module ]]

item #: SCP-xxxx

object class : Keter

special containment procedures :

Entity to be held in a titanium container, similar to that of a shipping container. Entity only requires
basic humanoid needs. Requires light to keep a calm state. Should stay on a diet of lettuce anything else should not be used as the foundation do not know if this is safe

Class-D personnel should be used to clean out manure and feed.

feed SCP-xxxx during times between 1800 hours and 0600 hours, Entity appears to become overly active during night.

enter containment feeding area without sedating first and wearing the correct hazmat suit supplied after the brief.

wear revealing clothing, entity will have extreme sexual urges. Further testing required.

In emergency SCP-xxxx must be sprayed with high pressurised water, this seems to calm the entity. Method is not 100% reliable.

██,███████, 2016 reports of a humanoid 7 feet tall of large build sighted at ███████ park. The Entity was reportedly seen rampaging through crowds of civilians radiating an aura of green gas and maliciously desiccating anything standing in its way. Photographic evidence shows the area coated in green mist, further analysis of the area reveals radio-active air at a level of 525 RAD. This being such a dangerous level of radiation the entire town has been evacuated.

SCP-xxxx possesses 6 arms tipped with a claw similar to that of a Velociraptor and a slug like body. Unlike a slug SCP-xxxx seems to have holes on it's back 6 centimetres in diameter, this acts as a vent for its radioactive gases.