AnoymonusX: An SCP Idea

Item #: SCP-(BLANK)

Object Class: Euclid Thaumiel (Pending)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-(BLANK) Must be Contained In A 7 Meter By 7 Meter Cell In Site ██ (Formely Site 19), The Cell must contain 2 cameras, A bed, a radiator And a Interview table. SCP-(BLANK) Cell must be monitored at all times By Security along with at-least 1 guard patrolling outside SCP-(BLANK)’s Cell.

If SCP-(BLANK) Is To act violent, Dr. ████ ██████ must be informed immediately. SCP-(BLANK) Must be interviewed once a month to learn more info about SCP-(BLANK)’s Back-Story and other important info.

Description: SCP-(BLANK) is a Caucasian Male Cyborg in his 20’s, SCP-(BLANK) Has black under-shirt and grey over-shirt along with an advanced bulletproof vest, SCP-(BLANK) Is approximately 5 foot tall.

SCP-(BLANK) claims to be from the year ██48, And to be on a mission to exterminate all SCPs to protect humanity from a Human-Anomaly War that begins in 20██. SCP-(BLANK) Has shown disgust and hostility at all SCP Creatures, Objects, And Locations he has been exposed to, Hostile or not, Attempting to equip any nearby weapons to damage and kill the target if possible.

SCP-(BLANK) Seems to have a high IQ And knowledge in combat due to interviews and attempted killings of several SCPs. SCP-(BLANK) seems to be mostly good at dual pistols.

Addendum 1- This Is a list of SCPs That SCP-(BLANK) Has So Far Attacked:

  • SCP-079- During a large scale containment breach at SITE-19 SCP-(BLANK) encountered SCP-079, SCP-(BLANK) then attempted to pour water Over SCP-079 but failed as guards subdued him.
  • SCP-294- During The Aforementioned Outbreak, SCP-(BLANK) Tried To destroy SCP-294 by smashing it but eventually gave up.
  • SCP-682- During One Of SCP-682's Many Outbreak Escapes, SCP-(BLANK) Tried To stab, punch and kick SCP-682, This Obviously Failed.
  • SCP-662- As A Test, SCP-(BLANK) Summoned SCP-662, He killed SCP-662 around 7 times before personal took away SCP-662.
  • SCP-002- As A Test, SCP-(BLANK) Tried to smash up the interior of SCP-002, However, He was not affected and was taken away by personal.

*Note: After attempting to kill SCP-682, The SCP Foundation decided to move SCP-(BLANK) From Site-19 To Site (REDACTED).