SCP-2823: Animalistic Earth

Item Number #: SCP-2823

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2823 must be kept out of public eye by containing SCP-2823-A in a construction tent, Any tress-passers must be given amnestic. Any Teams entering SCP-2823-B must be given high level equipment and must return as soon as possible if spotted by SCP-2823-B's Inhabitants.

Description: SCP-2823-A is a sewage pipe of average sewer size located next to San Francisco Zoo, The Pipe is not located in any historical building documents to date, However, The Pipe has a small plate that claims it was built in [REDACTED].

If anyone walks into SCP-2823-A, they will, after walking a distance of 1.25 miles, will exit the pipe into SCP-2823-B. The Exit Point is similar to the entrance point.

SCP-2823-B is a alternate version of Planet Earth, With The Primary Exception being that instead of humans (Homo Sapiens), Humanoid Versions Of Many groups of animals (Animalia) are the dominant species on the planet. With the exception of various creatures such as non-vertebrates, sea creatures, insects, and modern day domesticated pets.

The Observed Animal Civilization has shown that they are currently at the same time period as our reality, With them having the same calendars, same tech level, and similar history, The majority of observed beings include a majority of mammals, With there being observed Avian, Reptiles, And Amphibians Included As-Well.

Humans in SCP-2823-B are animalistic in nature, With them acting like cavemen and known to attack team personal with rocks and spears, With them spouting out complete gibberish, However one human corpse was stolen by Exploring D-Class and has been discovered that even their brains haven't evolved yet.

SCP-2823-B Animals have been observed using humans in ways humans treat animals With Humans used as pets, hunting trophies, work tools, and even, disturbingly, meat.

Some Species Observed being a part of the intelligent species include the following:

  • Wolves (Canis lupus)
  • Deer (Cervidae)
  • Bears (Ursidae)
  • African Buffalo, Antelope, And Yaks (Bovinae)
  • Giraffes (Giraffa)
  • Wild Cat (Felis Silvestre's)
  • Otters & Other Marsupials (Marsupialia)
  • Lions (Panthera Leo)
  • Leopard (Panthera Pardus)
  • Rhinoceros (Rhinocerotidae)
  • Eagles, Hawks, Robbins (Avian)
  • Frogs And Toads (Amphibians)
  • Snakes, Lizards, And Crocodiles/Alligators (Reptilians)